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Communication Tips to Help Employees Through Life Changes

April 1, 2024

Communication Tips to Help Employees Through Life Changes

Managers can struggle to find the right words to support a team member going through significant change. Even if the change is positive, its dramatic impact on the individual still elicits mixed emotions… Read More

Coaching Through Times of Personal Change

February 9, 2024

Coaching Through Times of Personal Change

Most HR professionals understand that a lot can change throughout the lifecycle of any single employee. Employees can go through many ups and downs of different magnitudes during their term. Today’s Workers likely… Read More

learning new tools and programs made easier by TaskHuman

January 24, 2023

Learning New Tools and Processes

Automation affects jobs as part of doing business. More so after the Pandemic when with the labor shortage. The current uncertainty in the marketplace prompts companies to come up with new ways to keep pace… Read More

Adapting to new management made easy with taskhuman

January 24, 2023

Adapting to New Management 

Adjusting to new management can be hard, especially if you had a synchronous relationship with your former manager. However you feel about the change, you’ll want to start things off on the right foot for… Read More

Planning Your 2023 Workplace HR Agenda

December 2, 2022

Planning Your 2023 Workplace HR Agenda? Read this First.

Twenty twenty-two was a “great” year for the workplace. We had the Great Resignation, the Great Reevaluation, the Great Reshuffle and the Great Breakup. These trends have given way to buzzy HR catch phrases such… Read More

Change Management

November 9, 2022

Get Great at the Change Management Process

Most companies in today’s uncertain market are making changes to the way they operate and staff for deliverables. Even in predictable market times, periodic change keeps a business on target. However,… Read More

Sales Manager Helping team

August 30, 2022

Why Sales Managers Don’t Coach

Sales managers are the connection between an organization’s leaders and the field. Funneling strategy down, the forecast up, executing for customers, and developing their sales reps is essentially several full-time jobs. They oversee sales strategy,… Read More

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