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Integrated Coaching for Excellence

Empower your sales team by immersing them in a diverse array of sales competencies, refining their skills, and unlocking their full potential with comprehensive support across 1000+ well-being areas. Elevate their selling game with TaskHuman’s specialized sales coaching, seamlessly integrated with well-being coaching. Your team will experience unparalleled support, reduced stress, heightened engagement, and emerge as the best versions of themselves. Invest in the transformative dual-coaching experience that not only sharpens sales skills but also fosters holistic well-being, ensuring a resilient and high-performing sales force.

Custom Reporting & Resources

Access to Data to Learn, Iterate and Improve

We package the outcomes of your organizations real-time data into reports that you can feel confident in. TaskHuman supports highlight trends, engagement, employee performance, and much more. We take pride in ensuring your investment into your employees are targeted at the highest priority skills, resulting in maximum ROI.


Curated Coaching Programs

Coach Your Sales Team Up For Success

Curated Programs are carefully designed packages of skills tailored to the specific strategic business goals your team is looking to achieve. We’re dedicated to helping your team develop important skills and drive behavior change to reach their highest potential and meet your organization’s objectives.

Develop techniques to generate pipeline, engage customers and build sales muscle to hit ramp targets and succeed.​

Elevate your proficiency with advanced strategies for complex sales environments.

Gain a competitive edge by developing trust with your customers through strategic insights and personalized approaches.

TaskHuman Guided Coaching Journeys

Don’t take our word for it

Built On Trust & Safety

A Leader In Employee and Company Data Protection

We never compromise privacy or confidentiality. All communications, sessions and phone numbers are secured and never shared, creating a space for employees to feel safe and thrive.

TaskHuman maintains SOC2 Type 1 compliance reporting.

TaskHuman uses Multi-factor authentication to ensure a secure experience.

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Learn how TaskHuman can become a constant companion for your team, amplifying them to sell their best by being their best.

Reach Your Company Goals

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