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November 9, 2022

Get Great at the Change Management Process

Change Management

Most companies in today’s uncertain market are making changes to the way they operate and staff for deliverables. Even in predictable market times, periodic change keeps a business on target. However, research says that even though 79.7% of people need to adapt their business every two to five years, only a quarter of them fully succeed. The disparity has given rise to a change management industry in which CEOs rely on experienced consultants to come in and spearhead organizational change with the tools and skills that can increase positive results by as much as 47%

All managers need to get good at leading and navigating through change, especially now. For the most thorough results, they can’t leave everything up to the change management committee. Change takes root when early adopters emulate what the result looks like. A skilled change-driving manager can shorten their team’s time adjusting to the new way of doing things. Their people have access to a leader that can provide answers, examples, and hands-on support, all with enthusiasm. Managers can proactively learn the skills to become exceptional change managers for the benefit of their teams and their career paths.

Below are three actions managers can take right now to help their teams smoothly transition

Effective Leadership Gets Buy-In from the Team

Help employees embrace the value change creates and even get excited about it. Managers can get buy-in from their employees before implementing changes by helping them understand the reason change is needed and the ways it benefits them. Managers can use specific examples to describe clearly what the end results will look like for employees when the change happens. Furthermore, it helps if team leaders speak about the change process in simple terms with only a few steps. Even if employees like the end benefits that are proposed they won’t look forward to a change process that seems overly complicated.

The bottom line is, change brings the chance for leaders and employees to improve their work lives, expand their professional bandwidth, and gain different experiences. It can make work more rewarding and energizing. Sometimes people don’t know there’s a bottleneck until it’s removed, and then they begin to enjoy the maximum state of “flow”.

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Embrace Technology

Make sure to embrace new technologies for the solutions they provide your team as well as their ability to assist in change adoption and education. Researchers expect the digital transformation market to reach $1,009.8 billion by 2025. Technology will be part of the answer for more companies that are facing staffing shortages and in some cases strategic reductions in their personnel. Technological models will aid many companies as they retool operational procedures and their brands’ deliverables in the face of supply chain problems.

Managers can avoid resisting change themselves when it comes to embracing new technologies. Familiarizing themselves with new technological capabilities and trends will help them stay open to implementing various technological solutions as they pertain to their team strategy and the company at large. 

Embrace The Company’s Culture Of Change

Leaders of the next few years will do well if they go ahead and adopt a willingness to change as part of their team culture. Senior leaders should devise a plan for how changes are evaluated for their potential and rolled out to the organization. After that, they should make this a know, even celebrated aspect of their business model. Nimble company cultures can be some of the most fun and sharpening work environments. Why not make this quality part of the core values

Middle managers and supervisors of teams play a large role in shaping the culture toward change. An enthusiastic attitude goes a long way. Team leads can be the first to become proficient in the new “way”. Doing so models the new process to their team which helps them learn it themselves. More importantly, especially at roll-out, they model their enthusiasm and trust in the new path forward. The team lead’s behavior set the stage for transformation to take place. Managers can remind their teams about the company’s agile reputation and point to examples where agility distinguished their brand. 

Change Management Growth

TaskHuman’s mobile coaching platform is helping managers become better at leading through change. Coaches provide leaders of teams with a proven process for introducing and facilitating effective change in their teams. Not only does a manager learn to use advanced leadership skills that move their people to commitment, but they also use tools that help expedite change adoption for thorough adoption and rewarding outcomes for their teams.  Managers can choose to work with a coach on “all things leadership” or consult one of the specialized change management coaches. TaskHuman’s platform lets individuals customize their growth process. It’s always private, personal, and on demand. 
With everything facing managers in today’s business climate,  supporting them matters more than ever. Schedule a demo to see how TaskHuman is elevating manager performance through change and beyond.


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