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A New People Experience

The TaskHuman platform supports employees as they grow and adapt in unique areas of their life both personally and professionally, instantly wherever they are.
Employees get the support they need with the most comprehensive coverage of Well-Being coaching available anywhere.
TaskHuman directly impacts engagement, productivity, and retention – helping you build a high-performance organization of happy, healthy people.


Enjoy Immediate Impact

TaskHuman becomes an extension of your team giving your organization real-time solutions that drive real change.

Our real-time coaching supports all stages of employees needs at the tap of a finger.

Enjoy 1,000s of skills across 8 different categories of well-being including Physical Fitness, Healthy Eating & Food Choices, Mental & Emotional Support, Spiritual Practice & Guidance, Financial Literacy & Coaching, Home & Family Coaching, Personal Growth & Development, and Professional Development.

TaskHuman provides the full wellness spectrum to a global population under one vendor.

TaskHuman offers multiple pricing options to support your organizations needs so you can support your global team. 

Companies benefit from added Insurance savings, medical & workers comp cost savings, Higher employee productivity, all while providing a benefit that attracts and retains top talent.

Immediate impact

Custom Reporting & Resources

Access to Data to Learn, Iterate and Improve

We package the outcomes of your organizations real-time data into reports that you can feel confident in. TaskHuman supports highlight trends, engagement, employee performance, and much more. We take pride in ensuring your investment into your employees are targeted at the highest priority skills, resulting in maximum ROI.


Don’t take our word for it

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Learn how TaskHuman can become a constant companion for your team, amplifying them to lead their best by being their best.

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