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Connect your team to a global network of professional expertise, unlocking their fullest potential, improving performance and engagement, and providing preventative support – instantly.

Coaching & Development That Drives Change

The TaskHuman platform supports employees as they grow and adapt in unique areas of the human condition both personally and professionally. We take a holistic approach to professional excellence by addressing the entire employees needs through:

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Coach listing on TaskHuman app
Woman using TaskHuman app - video coaching
Instant Availability With Coaches

How It Works

Supporting Each Persons Unique Needs

Employees are different at their core. They define wellness differently, have different points of view on how to grow personally or professionally, and above all else, individual growth is extremely personal. What works for one may not work for others.

Coaching For All Learners

Our global coaches cover thousands of skills across 8 different categories of needs, providing instant guidance when individuals need it in 4 unique forms 1:1 personalized coaching, Coaching Content, Group Content Sessions, and Group Coaching sessions.

Guided Coaching Journeys

Users experience a curated and sequenced group of skills, group coaching sessions, and coaching content organized for a specific goal.


A curated group of skills, group experiences, and coaching content around a common need for individuals to partake in at any time.

The TaskHuman Difference

Grow your organization’s potential with the right support at your employees unique moment of needs.

Clients Enjoy:

  • Custom Guided Coaching Programs based off your company’s unique curriculum.
  • Ad Hoc 1:1 Coaching
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • ERG Support
  • Onboarding Support & New Hire Training
  • Preventative Health
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Goals That Align

TaskHuman works with your organization to understand your company’s business objectives so we can help support you and your larger team along the way.

Solutions for Common Business Objectives:

  • Prevent Burnout
  • Internal Team Engagement
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Leadership Development
  • New Manager Support
  • Enhancing Work-Life Integration
  • Productivity Support
  • Engaging Spouses & Families
  • Build Camaraderie Around Well-Being
  • Return from Parental Leave
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taskhuman-support-employee-growth-Courses on the TaskHuman app
taskhuman-support-employee-growth-Connecting with a 1:1 coach on the TaskHuman app
taskhuman-support-employee-growth-Build Your Dream Team With Expert Coaches Across The Globe

Deploy With Confidence

TaskHuman offers a fixed cost model as well as an unlimited consumption model. We ensure that your people get the coaching they want, wherever they are, whenever they want it, while you get a predictable budget and a successful launch!

Our team is proactive and enables your team with toolkits, updates, and metrics along the way!

We work with your team to identify targeted opportunities to drive culture and productivity with specific cohorts.

Right from kickoff, we want to know what success means to you, so we deliver on expectations. We will roll out monthly check in calls to monitor progress.

Organizations change quickly and we will pivot with you. QBRs allow us to plan quarters ahead and make sure we align to evolving internal initiatives.

Enjoy a simple launch in under 1 minute. No eligibility files – no PII provided, significantly limiting data security concerns, no enterprise IT – all data traffic goes from the User device to TaskHuman’s secure servers, eliminating the need for lengthy IT validation.

taskhuman-support-employee-growth-Successful launch makes for happy clients

Truth In Numbers

Average User Engagement
of people who engage with TaskHuman monthly engage 2x or more in each month
of people who made at least one call go on to make 2+ calls more & spend an average of 1400 mins each year
of users who subscribe to TaskHuman engage in a coaching activity at least monthly
minutes of coaching a month on average per individual

Don’t take our word for it

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Create A Culture of Coaching & On-going Growth

Try It For Your Business

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