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What you need to know

Employee FAQs

TaskHuman is a mobile app that amplifies your daily work and personal life  – with 1:1 personalized guidance over a video call. Enjoy thousands of categories across your work and personal life in a range of topics across physical fitness, mental well-being, spiritual specialists, emotional support, financial guidance, career and leadership guidance, even pet support, and much more! This revolutionary community of specialists is available for you instantly anytime, anywhere!

It’s completely free! Your employer is covering all costs to support your well-being with TaskHuman. We will never ask for credit card information or payments for use of the app.

Your access includes an unlimited number of 1:1 calls, group sessions, and in-app content. You can use it as often as you want, where and when you want – you might find a coach you love and set up recurring daily or weekly sessions. You can also search for a topic and find coaches with immediate availability and meet with them on-demand. Your access is available 24/7 and is truly unlimited.

Open up the TaskHuman app to the Discover Screen. From there you can scroll through trending and highlighted topics – something might catch your eye! Or, use the search feature if you already have something in mind. Try searching for a topic that you’ve always been interested in learning more about but haven’t had the chance to dig into, whether it’s personal or professional. Not sure where to start? Our global team is standing by on the concierge, they are there to ask a question for help or a coach recommendation!

If you’re nervous to call a TaskHuman coach for the first time, taking the first step is easier than you think. Think of it like a zoom call except our coaches will guide the session!

TaskHuman coaches are highly vetted, experienced professionals who get you warmed up and feeling comfortable by asking questions like:
1. What motivated you to make a call today?
2. How can I best support you on this call?

3. What are you hoping to accomplish over time?

It’s welcomed (& encouraged!) to say:
1. “I don’t know where to start.”
2. “I’ve never done this before.”
3. “I don’t know much about this topic.”

You can use either your work or personal email address to create an account, whichever you prefer. Please know that we don’t share information with your employer* about your TaskHuman usage including calls made or topics explored. 

*Certain professional guided journey participation may be shared to the employer, such as Leadership and Sales 1:1 calls if you are part of a specific program – view our Privacy Policy for more info.

Sometimes companies like to extend the benefit to your loved ones. Talk to your Head of HR or benefits leader to see who your company covers. We have plans that include spouse/partner and family access. If additional dependents are not covered, TaskHuman does offer a 25% discount for any family members. Have your family download the app and then message the Concierge chat for their discount.

Group sessions are a new way to enjoy TaskHuman together. Feel connected to your larger team in a virtual setting from one of our specialists! Your organization may occasionally schedule group sessions for coworkers to gather virtually with a coach to learn about a new topic together. You can request group sessions with your manager or benefits leader. We have dozens of group sessions to choose from on topics such as Unconscious Bias, Practicing Gratitude, Stretching, Burnout Prevention, and many more.

We do not offer licensed mental health professionals on our app. If you or someone you know is in a crisis, contact your local helpline. This online guide can help you find the proper helpline resources in your region.


If you’re looking for other resources to support your mental health, reach out to us in Concierge and we can help you find coaches that fit your needs (such as meditation, stress management, or improving self-confidence).

That is completely up to you when you book a session. Depending on the coach’s availability, you can schedule a quick 10 minutes all the way to a 90 minute session. You’ll have the option to extend time if the coach has no sessions booked after your call, or you can end a session early if you feel you’ve accomplished what you were looking for.

Everything that you do in the app is secure and confidential. We will never share your app activity (sessions booked, topics searched, messages sent, etc.) with your employer.

Our one exception is if you are a part of a Leadership or Sales Program. If you are enrolled, your Leadership or Sales specific activity will be shared with your employer so that you can get visibility for your professional development efforts. View our privacy policy for more details.

TaskHuman is here to meet you where you can best feel supported. You have the option to turn your video off during your call and conduct an audio only session, or start by messaging a specialist in the app to get a better sense if they are the right fit for you beforehand.

Yes, we encourage your suggestions and feedback as we continue to create the best possible experience. Please message us in Concierge (top left of our app home page) to let us know.

Many of our coaches speak multiple languages. The ability to filter coaches by language is coming soon! For now, please message us in Concierge if you’re looking for a coach in a specific language and topic.

We have a global team of coaches available 24/7 offering true global coverage. Any topic or coach tile with a green circle on it means that someone is available to talk to you right now. Or, head to the coach’s page to schedule If you need help finding more coaches in your time zone, message us in Concierge and we can assist you.

This is a feature in our app that we are working on; for now you will need to book each session manually.

Our TaskHuman global network of coaches is carefully selected to support the full spectrum of daily life and work areas ranging from physical fitness, mental well-being, spiritual, career, leadership, financial, and more!

The TaskHuman team hand-selects providers through an extensive review process based on credentials, work experience, platform ability, inclusivity,  and expert knowledge.

At TaskHuman we are proud to present to you a diverse, inclusive, professional coaching base of providers. 

  • 70%+ of our coaches are women
  • Our coaching base lives in 40+ countries around the world and represent different ideologies, nationalities, and socio economic backgrounds
  • 30+% of our coaching base are people of color 
  • Our coaches also represent every age group from the 20s to senior citizens

  1. Download TaskHuman from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Create An Account
  3. Go to Settings and tap on “Check for Discounts”
  4. Insert your company code – ask your HR or Benefits leader for your code

Consumer FAQs

TaskHuman is a mobile app that amplifies your daily work and personal life  – with 1:1 personalized guidance over a video call. Enjoy thousands of categories across your work and personal life in a range of topics across physical fitness, mental well-being, spiritual specialists, emotional support, financial guidance, career and leadership guidance, even pet support, and much more! This revolutionary community of specialists is available for you instantly anytime, anywhere!

While other apps provide curated videos and generic content, TaskHuman is the first app that offers you 1:1 personalized guidance over video call, to a global network of specialists. Our specialists cover nearly 1,000 topics spanning all areas of your work and personal life, including mindful eating, personal training, yoga, pilates, meditation, life transitions, professional development, and so much more.

Discover Screen: Want quick advice on hundreds of personal and professional topics while also getting to know different professionals each time? Search for the topic you want and message the coach and get to know the specialists who can help.

Reconnect Screen: Discovered awesome specialists? Want to have longer video calls with them? Simply buy minutes and use them however you want, on ANY specialists and ANY topic. ANYTIME. 

Simply use the search feature to type in your topic, select the result that matches what you’re looking for, and behind the scenes, our AI engine does all the work to find you the best provider who’s online to help you right now. You can also browse through all coaches for that topic and schedule time with someone for a later date.

The TaskHuman team hand-selects providers to go through a review process. We also monitor user ratings and feedback to maintain our community standards.

Nope. All calls and transactions take place securely through the app, so your information stays safe. At no time will you need to share your phone, address, or other personal identifying information directly with any specialists.

TaskHuman is a holistic knowledge-sharing platform. TaskHuman is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, clinical services, or therapeutic care. For those seeking medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers.

We encourage your questions, suggestions, and feedback as we continue to create the best possible experience. Please message us in Concierge (top left of our app home page) and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Have more questions? We have more answers! Click Here

Corporate FAQ’s

Our TaskHuman global network of specialists is carefully selected to support the full spectrum of nearly 1,000 different daily life and work areas ranging from physical fitness, mental well-being, spiritual, career, leadership, financial, and more!

The TaskHuman team hand-selects specialists through an intricate review process based on their work experience, credentials, digital communication skills, and cultural awareness. Specifically, we have built our own proprietary blend of techniques in conjunction with an in-depth audition process to ensure that each and every skill assigned to a specialist’s profile is one they can deliver on and we can stand behind. Even if a specialist would like to coach on 30 topics, we may only approve them for 5 topics to ensure the highest quality of experience. That means that for the consumer, you can rest assured that every specialist will be able to get you where you need to go, without any hesitation.

And it doesn’t end there! Our team is constantly monitoring user ratings and feedback to maintain our community standards daily! 

We want you to feel your best, that’s why we demand the best from our specialist community. We do all of this vetting so you can implicitly trust the TaskHuman platform and focus more on receiving the guidance rather than on what would otherwise be a laborious, time-consuming process in the real world that you would have to go through in deciding whether the specialist is qualified. 

Our tough standards are why the average satisfaction rate across every call made on our platform is 4.9/5!

We have an extensive vetting process to bring each coach onto the platform that extends to the specialists’ areas allowed on TaskHuman. Each tag/skill that you see on the platform is specifically an area that the specialist has passed TaskHuman vetting on.

We take tremendous pride in our vetting process so that you as a consumer can focus more on making calls and quickly getting the guidance you want as opposed to worrying about whether the specialist is competent in their job. (Spoiler: If they are on TaskHuman, they are likely going to be awesome.)

In the case where a specialist has more tags than you would expect, it is because they are truly an exceptional individual and can provide guidance and support in all those areas. In our experience scouring the world for awesome specialists, we’ve found that some are exceptionally dedicated to coaching and are highly qualified in many areas that you would not immediately associate with one another. For instance, you may find a specialist on nutrition-related areas as well as physical fitness and spirituality. We are equally blown away when we find these individuals and we proudly bring them to you on TaskHuman.

So yes, this is rare but we do have many of these rare individuals on TaskHuman!  

The first step is for each family member and spouse to create their OWN account. Each user is REQUIRED to have a separate account on TaskHuman. You may not call a specialist and hand it off to someone else. 

Some employers who provide TaskHuman as a benefit also cover family members. If this coverage is not available for you, family members get a 25% discount off App Store prices. After downloading and creating an account, they will need to disclose to the concierge that they are a family member of a current user and we’ll give them the discount.

Yes, several of our specialists are members of the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, we also have specialists that, while they may not be members of the community, have the necessary experience in coaching members of this community with the unique challenges they face. Reach out to the concierge service and we’ll be happy to make any recommendations.

We’re thrilled that this feature is coming soon!

We know it can be intimidating not knowing where to start since we offer personalized guidance in thousands of different areas. 

If you know where to start, just tap “search” and find the specialists for that area you are interested in. 

If you don’t know where to start, send a note to the concierge service and we’ll help you get started. You are unique. And therefore, your journey is unique to you. Our concierge team is staffed by real humans and has seen it all. So let us help you get started and let TaskHuman amplify your personal and professional goals!


TaskHuman is powered by several sophisticated state-of-the-art AI engines that are as simple yet powerful as google in helping you quickly find a specialist to help you amplify any area in your personal or professional life. Some platforms require you to fill out long questionnaires to feed their “algorithmic matching” but TaskHuman is years ahead in bringing you the world’s first search engine that takes you from thoughts in your head, in your own words, to specialists who can help in just a tap or two.

Go ahead and try it out for yourself! Try typing in something you’ve always wanted to ask a specialist, like “learn time management” or “lose weight” and you’ll immediately see the power of our matching engine that shows you instantly our community of specialists who are available right now or for booking shortly in your timezone. Once you get used to how simple TaskHuman is, you are not going to go back to filling out forms on any other platform. 

Finding a TaskHuman specialist is like finding a date. You might fall in love with the first person you meet or meet several people before finding someone to go the distance with. Either way, you can rest assured that every specialist on our platform is awesome at their tagged skills. if they weren’t, they wouldn’t make it through our vetting process. 

If you don’t connect with the first specialist you try, that’s ok, try out the next specialist for that topic. Keep going and take your time. Most people find and build a dream team of specialists to continually work in the areas they are interested in, and it will happen for you too.

Our average specialist rating is 4.9/5. Yes, really – we didn’t want to believe it either but it’s TRUE!

However, we decided to save the space and not show any reviews. We do collect them and use them for our internal monitoring and quality control. (You’ll be asked to rate each call you make, and while it’s optional, we love the feedback!) The reality is that providing guidance is an individual experience. We don’t have bad coaches on our platform; it’s our job to ensure that through our vetting. But it’s ok if you don’t like the first specialist that you call on TaskHuman for a topic. So make calls to a few specialists and decide on the “best fit” for YOUR personality and your goals. If you don’t connect well with someone, they may be a good fit for someone else. And just because you think they are good, doesn’t mean they are a good fit for everybody else either. So we let you be the judge of which work works best for YOU by not displaying ratings.

Group Session FAQ’s

Ahead of time: Promote the session internally and send out information at least one week prior to the session. 

Day of: Encourage engagement from your team by asking your team to turn their cameras on and participate in the conversation.

Once a session is scheduled, you will receive an email invite with the video platform registration link to forward to your team. You will also receive a Calendar invite that can be forwarded to your team.

On the day of the group session, join through the link provided after registration.

We ask for registration so we can send a private recording link to attendees and registered folks who weren’t able to attend the session.

An average group session ranges from 5 – 20 people, but we can accommodate up to 300 (or up to 500 upon special request).

TaskHuman specialists are selected through a rigorous screening and skills assessment process which includes leading sessions with already-vetted coaches. To lead group sessions, coaches complete an additional assessment and mock presentation to demonstrate their group facilitation proficiency.

Coaches can tailor the session style to what works best for your team – whether you prefer a presentation/lecture-style, interactive discussion, or a hybrid of both.

Please reach out to your customer service manager (CSM) for any session changes or specific requests regarding your upcoming session.

Yes, all sessions are recorded. We email a private link to all registrants so folks who were unable to attend can watch. We do not record Team Connection Sessions. If the session contains sensitive information, we will not share the recording (the group session team will use their discretion).

Please submit group session requests at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can schedule the best coach for your needs. This also ensures that employees can secure the time to attend.

While we don’t have a cancellation policy, out of respect for our coaching community we ask for notice one week in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule.

On the TaskHuman app, use the search bar to search the coach’s name, then book a session!

  1. Download TaskHuman from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Create an account
  3. Go to Settings and tap on “Check for Discounts”
  4. Insert your company code – ask your HR or Benefits leader for your code

Have more questions? Check out our Employee FAQs!

Specialist FAQ’s

Anyone can apply, however, we are not an open platform (i.e., LinkedIn) or a directory (i.e. Yelp) where anyone can just join. To join the revolution, check out our Coaching Careers page.

Our vision for our Specialists is to be:

  • Accretive to your lifestyle, by providing potential opportunities when you are open to receiving them. 
  • Resilient, no matter life’s ups and downs. We will be a home for you. Whether you are moving, gave birth, lost work, or are experiencing a life transition.
  • An enabling force for YOU to be YOU, and share your passion with the world.
  • A digital forum for you to empower and educate others through personal interaction.
  • A place where you can find professional and personal growth in line with your purpose.

Consumers can initially connect with Specialists for a Discovery Call in one of four ways:

  1. Through the Discovery Screen Tiles- which gives consumers suggestions on where to start their personal and professional well-being journey.
  2. Through Topical Search- which gives consumers the ability to search for a specific topic or area of interest.
  3. Through Specialist Search- which gives consumers the ability to search for a specific specialist they may have met, been referred to or have seen through social media.
  4. Through our Concierge Service- which will try to match a consumer to a specialist based upon the consumer’s particular needs.

About Us

Our team is made up of the most passionate people around the globe looking to bring TaskHuman to 3 billion users worldwide.


Our team is located globally, but we are based out of Palo Alto, CA.

We are always looking for new rockstars to join the TaskHuman team. Check out our current openings on LinkedIn.

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