Your questions, answered.

What is TaskHuman?

TaskHuman is a revolutionary app offering the most affordable digital wellness network of live coaches. With TaskHuman, you can build your dream team of top wellness coaches for 1-on-1 guidance over video call, covering 800+ topics including yoga, mindful eating, meditation, life transitions and so much more. No need to drive anywhere—you can do it all right from your mobile device at a time and place that works best for you. Download the app and get started!

I already have a lot of fitness and wellness apps. Why do I need TaskHuman?

While other apps provide curated videos and generic content, TaskHuman is the first app that offers you 1-on-1 live access, via video call, to an entire wellness network. Our providers specialize in 800+ wellness topics, including mindful eating, personal training, yoga, pilates, meditation, life transitions and so much more. Get live human guidance personalized for you instead of cookie-cutter content made for the masses. Our pricing is equally revolutionary. Try FREE 7-minute discover video calls with EVERY provider that catches your eye. Then, reconnect for longer sessions with any of our wellness pros by purchasing affordable minutes. Buy as many minutes as you want and use them on ANY provider and ANY topic. Example: Buy 150 mins (as low as $50/hour), use 60 mins on a yoga instructor, 40 mins on a sleep coach and 50 mins on a personal trainer. Your time. Your place. Yeah, it’s really THAT simple.

How does TaskHuman differ from other apps that claim they connect me with coaches?

On TaskHuman, you instantly engage in live 1-on-1 video calls with our providers, leading to a richer and more personalized experience, as opposed to other platforms that only have chat and text message features. Additionally, our app uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly match you with our providers that are available online now…think Uber but for wellness coaches ?. We also have the most diverse group of wellness coaches covering 800+ wellness topics, including strength training, yoga, mindfulness, life coaching, diet and nutrition and so much more. Best of all, our pricing is revolutionarily affordable and simple (See above ?).

How should I use TaskHuman?

Discover Screen: Want quick advice on hundreds of wellness topics while also getting to know different professionals each time? Well, that’s why the discover screen is always FREE to use. Each FREE call is 7 minutes long. Search for the topic you want and get to know the professionals who can help.

Reconnect Screen: Discovered an awesome provider? Want to have longer video calls with them? Simply buy minutes and use them however you want, on ANY provider and ANY topic. ANYTIME. Yeah, it’s really that easy on the Reconnect screen!

How do I get matched up?

Simply type in your health question, select the best category, and behind the scenes, our AI engine does all the work to find you the best provider who’s online to help you.

How do you select your Providers?

The TaskHuman team hand-selects providers to go through a review process. We also monitor user ratings and feedback to maintain our community standards.

Do I always need to have a discover call before engaging in longer sessions with a provider?

Absolutely not! You are more than welcome to surpass the FREE 7-minute discover call and use purchased minutes toward longer 1-on-1 video calls with providers right away. ?

Do I need to share my phone number with providers?

Nope. All calls and transactions take place securely through the app, so your information stays safe. At no time will you need to share your phone, address or other personal identity information directly with providers.

Can TaskHuman take the place of my physician or other MD?

TaskHuman is a holistic wellness knowledge sharing platform. TaskHuman is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, clinical services, or therapeutic care. For those seeking medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider.

I have more questions. How can i get help?

We are available via video call and chat within the app at ANYTIME. Simply scroll to the bottom of the Discover screen and tap on TaskHuman Customer Support.