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June 26, 2024 15 Min Read

Support The Well-Being Of Others

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Discussing mental health and supporting others can be a challenging topic for people to different degrees. As you engage with the clips below from coaches Bojana Vušanović and Reita Johnston, we want to remind you of the value in taking care of yourself. In order to effectively support others, it’s important to have the time, energy, capacity, resources, and reserves to do so, and an effective way to do this is to practice good self-care habits. So before diving in, be sure to check in with yourself and your needs!


Getting On The Same Page: Defining Well-Being


Core Tenants Of Support: Compassion, Empathy, Understanding

There are many reasons someone may be struggling with their well-being.  It’s important to avoid making assumptions or judgments, and to remember that we may not have all of the information about a person’s situation. Learn how to identify when someone may need support and approach them compassionately in the clips below.


What are ways you’ve found effective to identify when friends, coworkers, or folks in your community may need support?


Implementing Self-Care & Boundaries Effectively

We mentioned earlier in this article the importance of self-care.  Let’s discuss some best practices in caring for yourself while also offering support for others and being mindful of boundaries.


Well-Being Support In The Workplace

Did you know that 1 in 3 employees still feel that the mental health support available in their workplace is inadequate and that 70% of employees want their company to do more to support their mental health? Being vulnerable, modeling healthy behaviors, prioritizing open communication, and reevaluating policies are just a few ideas for leaders to create a more inclusive workplace.


Connect 1:1 with a Coach to get ideas to practice self-care and further support people in your community. Are you a leader or manager? A Coach can help you create an inclusive and supportive leadership style! 


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