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Amplify Your Clients’ Well-being Needs At Scale

TaskHuman empowers organizations to maximize engagement, boost employee retention, and enhance talent performance through tailor-made coaching across a wide range of skills that impact both professional and personal lives.

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Coaching & Development That Drives Behavior Change

At TaskHuman, we are dedicated to empowering your clients’ workforce as they navigate their personal and professional growth in all aspects of the human experience. Our comprehensive approach to achieving professional excellence encompasses addressing the diverse needs of each individual employee, ensuring their overall well-being and success.


How It Works

Supporting Each Person’s Unique Needs

Your clients’ needs are unique, with diverse perspectives and definitions of well-being. They possess their own distinct viewpoints on personal and professional growth in the organization, and most importantly, they acknowledge that individual growth is a deeply personal journey. What may be effective for one person may not necessarily yield the same results for others.

Coaching For All Learners

Our global coaches cover thousands of skills in 8 categories, offering instant guidance through 1:1 coaching, Coaching Content, Group Sessions, and Coaching.

Guided Coaching Journeys

Users experience a curated and sequenced group of skills, group coaching sessions, and coaching content organized for a specific goal.

Coaching Collections

A curated group of skills, group experiences, and coaching content around a common need for individuals to partake in at any time.

Average User Engagement
of Subscribers Engage 2 or More Times Each Month
of One-Time Callers Also Made 2+ Calls, Spending an Average of 1400 Mins Yearly
of Subscribers Engage with Coaches Monthly
Mins of Coaching on Average per Individual

The TaskHuman Difference

Unlock your clients’ full potential by providing tailored support to your employees when they need it most. Your clients enjoy:

Real-time 1:1 Coaching Anywhere

Aligning With The Organizational’s Well-being Initiatives

Proactive & Preventative Approach To Physical and Mental Health

Supporting New Hires Onboarding & First-time Managers

Enabling Employee Resource Group (ERG) Initiatives

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Goals That Align

We collaborate with you and your clients to gain a deep understanding of your client’s business goals. This enables us to provide unparalleled support to you and your entire client base as you navigate your journey toward success.

Solutions for Common Business Objectives:

Prevent Burnout

Internal Team Engagement

Employee Onboarding

Leadership Development

New Manager Support

Enhancing Work-Life Integration

Productivity Support

Engaging Spouses & Families

Return from Parental Leave

Build Camaraderie Around Well-Being

Deploy With Confidence

TaskHuman provides two flexible models for your clients: fixed-cost and unlimited-consumption models. Our priority is to ensure that your client receives the coaching they desire, regardless of location or preferred time.

Our team is proactive and enables your clients with toolkits, updates, and metrics along the way!

We work with you and your client’s designated team to identify targeted opportunities to drive culture and productivity with specific cohorts.

Right from kickoff, we want to know what success means to you and your clients, so we deliver on expectations. We will roll out monthly check-in calls to monitor progress.

Organizations change quickly, and we will pivot with you. QBRs allow us to plan quarters ahead and make sure we align with evolving internal initiatives.

Enjoy a simple launch in under 1 minute. No eligibility files – no PII provided, significantly limiting data security concerns, no enterprise IT – all data traffic goes from the User device to TaskHuman’s secure servers, eliminating the need for lengthy IT validation.

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