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Case Study: BTS

Remote Employees Create A Culture Of Well-Being Amid Pandemic


The Challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world in 2020, HR leaders on the BTS team knew they needed to provide a comprehensive and accessible tool that could help employees focus on their well-being during this unprecedented time. BTS consultants were used to working with their teams and clients in person and were now having to adjust to not only a 100% virtual work environment, but a time when work and life were intertwined like never before.


The Start

BTS launched TaskHuman to 400 US employees in August 2020, due to the accessibility, comprehensiveness, and personalization that it offered. This new solution provided employees with unlimited 1:1 support from live wellness coaches through video calls at the time and place that worked best for them.


The Impact

Male and female BTS employees, spread from Connecticut to California, instantly gravitated toward the TaskHuman app and started making 1:1 video calls with live wellness coaches right away. Whether employees were looking for a quick stretching session in between meetings, seeking strategies for managing their stress, or wanting ergonomic guidance on their home office setup, they knew they could open the TaskHuman app and hop on a video call with a well-being pro instantly or book a future session with a coach.


What could have been an isolating and disjointed time for employees due to the pandemic became a new opportunity for team camaraderie and connection thanks to TaskHuman. Slack channels are now buzzing with recommendations on which TaskHuman coaches to call, what well-being topics people are focusing on, and what virtual group sessions to attend—which are an additional perk of TaskHuman and led by their coaches. Employees even self-sponsored an initiative to submit funny videos of themselves participating in a well-being-related activity. There is now a true culture of well-being that cannot go unnoticed.

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BTS Users Amplified With TaskHuman

The Future

Well-being is not only in the conversation among BTS employees, but is now a key component of the company’s culture. Well-being has been added as a key pillar of focus during company-wide annual reviews, with managers checking in with their team to ensure that each person is finding what they need to feel their best. BTS is confident that this is just the beginning of their partnership with TaskHuman and looks forward to expanding their coaching offering to other global offices, as well as to their own consulting clients and partners.


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