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Case Study: One Workplace

Enhancing Employee Camaraderie Through Wellness Competitions & Group Wellness Sessions


The Challenge

One Workplace understands the value of employee wellness platforms that include personalized solutions and 24/7 availability. The challenge lies with growing available resources and where their investments fall. What should companies be investing in that not only holds value to each employee, but ensures corporate benefits, such as high engagement, ROI, and retention? One Workplace wanted additional resources and technology solutions to assist employees with specific, individualized wellness goals, as well as boost productivity and workplace camaraderie.


The Start

One Workplace launched TaskHuman to 1,000 US employees in December 2020, due to TaskHuman’s comprehensive topic availability, in-app accessibility, and continuous engagement activities such as wellness challenges and group sessions that provide friendly competition and camaraderie within their workforce. This new solution provided employees with personalized 1:1 coaching for specific pain points and exploratory interests they have, as well as enhance the overall morale and productivity within their organization – a value One Workplace sees as an an indispensable tool for their internal team.


The Impact

Since launching TaskHuman, One Workplace has increased confidence and created a better implementation strategy within their heath & wellness objectives. Not only has morale, employee camaraderie, and productivity increased, but individual employees get 1:1 support to focus on their fullest potential, helping improve employee health behaviors, attract and retain top talent, and enhance company culture. TaskHuman provides an additional resource for One Workplace employees to use, allowing them to address many pain points and goals the organization understood previously, however, were not able to to provide proper resources and personalized attention, prior to launching TaskHuman.

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One Workplace Users Amplified With TaskHuman

The Road Ahead

TaskHuman and One Workplace will continue to expand the total user base, levels of engagement, and incentive opportunities within wellness challenges.

A greater grasp and focus will be placed on enterprise metrics to track additional organizational ROI including overall NPS score, turnover costs, healthcare cost, attrition rates.

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