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Case Study: Juniper Networks

On A Mission to Improve Employee Well-Being, Employees Consumed One Million Minutes Of Coaching

TaskHuman & Juniper

The Challenge

Juniper Networks was focused on five key business objectives for TaskHuman to solve or support: 

  • Enhance employee wellbeing 
  • Raise employee morale 
  • Improve attraction and retention of employees 
  • Enhance employee experience to improve employee engagement and productivity 
  • Reduce absenteeism, health risks, and health care costs 

The Start

In 2020, Juniper Networks established a mission to expand benefits and enhance overall employee well-being through a personalized coaching offering. To aid in their mission, Juniper launched TaskHuman in January 2021 to 10,000 employees in 49 countries.


The Impact

Before the launch, Juniper wondered what program success would look like, if there would be program usage across countries, and how TaskHuman would help employees in their daily lives. After seeing the results, Juniper says they “feel amazing introducing TaskHuman as a benefit” to employees.  

Their questions were decidedly answered. In the past year, 1:1 coaching calls have been placed from 42 countries. And in their 2021 Employee Voice Survey, “well-being” measured as the second highest satisfaction score; Juniper believes TaskHuman played a role in the improvement of this area. In addition to these results, Juniper was most impressed with the coachesquality, availability in different time zones, and that the topics cover many different aspects of employee well-being. 

Total Minutes On TaskHuman
Minutes Of Attended Group Coaching Sessions
Spent Reading TaskHuman Coaching Content (Since Nov 2021)
Avg Call Satisfaction Score
Calls In Unique Topics

Juniper Users Amplified With TaskHuman

The Future

Juniper Networks plans to keep TaskHuman as an integral part of their overall well-being strategy. Their intent is to continue offering it to their employees and dependents as a 1:1 service, but just as important, a group and team service to maximize the outreach.


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