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November 8, 2021 9 Min Read

How to Handle Social Media Pressure on Romantic Relationships

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We all know that not everything we see on social media is “real life.” Moreover, it’s never the “full story” of any relationship—but it can be really easy to let ourselves believe it is. It’s easy to scroll and scroll, and before we know it, we’re in a rabbit hole thinking everyone else has the ‘perfect relationship,’ leaving us feeling down in the dumps. Our scrolling can be inspirational (in doses), but it can also be harmful. The difference is: finding balance in our scrolling.

And it can be difficult to determine how to find that balance (haven’t we all spent hours mindlessly scrolling at least once?!). TaskHuman coaches can help you learn how to handle the pressure social media places on our relationships—and they’re tips you can implement today! 

Here are the four best ways to handle social media pressure on romantic relationships:

1. Take Social Media Breaks

When you’re surrounded by images and information about other people’s romantic relationships, it can be hard to keep your own relationships in perspective. What you see on social media can be stronger than what you know about social media. You know the images are curated, but you still feel the pull to compare the perfectly designed images to your normal life.

For a fresh perspective on your own romantic relationships, consider stepping away from social media occasionally. 

Listen to Coach Ashley Pena explain:

When you find content that aligns with your beliefs or aspirations, in a realistic way, you will more easily be inspired by the content.

2. Compare Only to Your Past

Not all comparisons are bad. But what happens when you compare yourself to couples on social media is the tendency to compare your worst to their best. (And it may not even be their best, just their best image!)

To push back against social media comparison, use your relationship as your own barometer. Where were you and your partner in the past? How have you grown? How can you get better together?

Coach Livia Vodarici explains:

Working to build your relationship will help you stay focused on what is good about what you have, rather than seeing what you are “missing” when you compare your relationship with those you see on social media.

3. Be Your Own Couple

Another common comparison trap is the idea that everyone wants what they see on social media. Just because an image or video gets a lot of attention, it may seem like that post is the perfect relationship (hint: it’s not). 

But people “like” things mindlessly, and in reality, it doesn’t mean much at all. Instead of feeling the pressure to make your relationship look like a particular relationship you see in a post on social media, try to build your relationship around your own couple values.

Being strong about who you are as an individual and in a romantic relationship will help you avoid feeling pressure to be like partners you see on social media.

Listen as Coach Julia Pontones explains:

Focusing on what is best for you—and your partner—will make your relationship stronger than what you see on social media. Keep in mind that your relationship goals need to be created with your partner. One person can’t decide what you—as a couple—should be or do. Make sure you and your partner communicate clearly to ensure you’re on the same page in terms of where you are now—and what you want to work toward—together.

4. Expand Your Definition of “Happy”

The beautifully curated feed you see on social media can be inspiring. Seeing couples lovingly support each other can be good.

But in order to best handle social media pressure on romantic relationships, you need to be able to separate what you see on social, from your own version of happiness—and to have confidence within yourself.

Coach Manoj Kunnath Unnikrishnan explains: 

If you are overly focused on achieving what other people have in their relationships, you won’t be able to enjoy the happiness you have already created with your partner—which could result in more harm than good for you.

Like many conveniences, social media has positive and negative effects on people. Learning how to handle social media pressure on relationships will help you keep your relationship strong and growing.

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