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July 13, 2021

3 Ways to Know You’re Stuck In Your Comfort Zone


We have comfort zones for a reason—they help keep us safe by preventing us from taking big risks that could backfire. For our ancestors, those big risks were external—things like finding food and staying alive in a less developed world. For us though, those risks are more internal—like moving to a new city to chase a dream job. So, while our comfort zones can help protect us, they can also prevent us from growing, especially if we get stuck in them.

TaskHuman coaches work to help their clients move out of their comfort zones and level-up their wellness. Here are the 3 main ways to know you’re stuck in your comfort zone—and how to start making changes.

1. Things Feel Repetitive

At the beginning of learning something new, every small part of the process feels different. Think about when you were learning to drive. You had to remember each small step of the process, and it took lots of practice.

Now, though, there are times you drive so automatically that you don’t even remember actually driving.

TaskHuman coaches describe wellness habits and lifestyles in a similar way. The actions you take on a regular basis start to become repetitive and oftentimes, no longer fill your spirit.

Listen as Coach Sara Splitter explains:

When we feel uninspired in our lives or our goals, we can look for that flash of inspiration in other places. It can lead us to feeling scattered and distracted.

Listen as Coach Rebecca Arsena explains:

While repetitive tasks and work can become monotonous, it’s important to remember that you’re not going to love all of the work you need to do to see progress. Sometimes the work is about repetition and practice.

Coach Zac Cooper explains:

Repetition is necessary when it is part of practice. This kind of repetition leads to progress. But repetition without progress is stagnation. You want to push through the stagnation, through your comfort zone, to achieve new progress.

2. Things Feel Stagnant

If we’ve been doing the same thing for a long time, and we feel we know exactly what we will do tomorrow and the next day, we are no longer fresh.

Like a lake with no new water coming in, we can become stagnant. We don’t see progress or reach goals because we aren’t pushed by anything new; we simply feel stuck.

Listen as Coach Sasha Williams explains:

Not seeing progress toward your goals is one way of knowing you’ve spent too much time in your comfort zone, and something needs to change.

Coach Reita Johnston explains:

3. You Complain A Lot

When we become complacent in our lives, feelings of discontent can grow. To stop the negative emotions about our lives, we need to change some part of it. The changes don’t need to be big—even learning a new skill or revisiting an old hobby work.

It is anything that forces us to reactivate our brains and our attention that can reignite our passionate spark.

Coach Jenny Levy explains:

Sometimes the complaining goes a little further, and we find ourselves in a semi-constant emotional funk. We know things aren’t bad, and yet, we feel our personalities and vibrancy are a little dimmed.

For some people, this could make them feel trapped or stifled.

Listen as Coach Suncica Vukcevic explains:

Being stuck in your comfort zone, ironically, is often uncomfortable. Our energy is drained and we feel like we’re not using our passions. But knowing you are stuck there is the first step toward making the needed changes.

To push through your comfort zone, you need to keep bringing small changes and challenges into your everyday life.

Coach Manoj Kunnath Unnikrishnan explains:

If you’re ready to break out of your comfort zone and step into a new and improved version of yourself, TaskHuman Coaches are here to help. Bonus: their expertise spans all pillars of wellness—from yoga to self-acceptance to parenting. And no matter the area you want to focus on or what your goals are, you’ll be sure to find a coach who can help you get there.

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