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June 29, 2021

Ready for a Digital Detox? Focus On These 3 Things


Do you ever catch yourself obsessively checking your phone notifications? Even without realizing it, we pick up our phones several times a minute. Sure, our phones can help keep us connected, but there’s no doubt that they come with some negatives. Phones can increase levels of anxiety [by comparing ourselves to others on social media], disrupt sleep due to blue light emissions, and distract you from being fully present with your loved ones.

Because of these downsides, it can be helpful to take a break from technology—a “digital detox,” if you will. The break helps you reset and gain some perspective on how—and when—you use technology. TaskHuman coaches are strong supporters of a digital detox. In fact, many of them regularly take breaks from their devices.

TaskHuman coaches know it can be difficult to break away from technology—they’re human too! Here are three things to focus on during a digital detox that can help reset your mind, especially when you first start out.

1. Focus On People

When we’re on our phones all of the time, we can lose connection with the real people in our lives. It may feel like the accounts we follow on Instagram are our friends, but we shouldn’t choose them over our actual friends and family. Moreover, focusing on the people we care about makes our connections with them stronger. 

Coach Zac Cooper explains:

When we’re on our devices a lot, we can actually forget how to interact with people. Putting our phones aside when people are with us is a way of showing we care. Only then, are we able to listen more carefully, and and in turn, gain true insight into their lives. They recognize that we are mentally present, enabling them to feel respected and cared for, and allowing our connection with them to grow.

Coach Anita Steele explains:

“It’s not quantity, it’s quality” is very applicable when it comes to spending time with family. We may be physically with them, or “talk” to them a lot, but if our attention is buried on our devices, we’re not really with them (mentally). Practicing a digital detox with family enables you to be more mentally present, and thus, the time you spend with them is quality time.

Listen as Coach Emilija Blagojevic explains:

Focusing on people, rather than your phone, during a digital detox will help strengthen your connection with your loved-ones. They will recognize your respect and care for them. People are not the only thing you can focus on during a digital detox. You can also focus on nature.

2. Focus On Nature

Sure, there are a lot of amazing, beautiful things to see online. But think about it, lots of them are pictures of real nature. During a digital detox, instead of looking at pictures of gorgeous flowers, go to your local arboretum—or on a walk around the block to notice the nature right in your own neighborhood.

Coach Lyndada Harding explains:

Noticing nature does more than give you pretty things to look at. It can help ease your anxiety and solve personal problems. Being in nature also allows you to more easily “step outside yourself” and see things in a new light.

Listen to Coach Dirk Broenink explain:

Taking regular breaks from technology and enjoying nature can also revitalize your energy. If you allow yourself to be inspired by nature, you can come back to your family or job feeling energized and refreshed. Who knows—you may feel so revitalized that you can find enough time to do other things that you love, like a hobby or sport!

Coach Jean Sheridan explains:

Using a digital detox to spend more time in nature can be mentally and physically rewarding—it slows and soothes the mind, giving space to new ideas and perspectives. In a digital detox, you can also focus more on yourself.

3. Focus On Yourself

Focusing on ourselves isn’t meant to promote self-centeredness. Instead, it should help you better understand what your thoughts and feelings are. During a digital detox, you have the time and space to really dig deeper into your brain and see what’s happening. Without the distraction of your devices, you can spend more time cultivating mental strength.

Listen to Coach Regina De Los Reyes explain:

Meditation is beneficial in cultivating mindfulness. You learn to stay in the present instead of escaping to a digital world. Stepping away from digital media can also give you time to think about what you really want, so it’s particularly helpful when you’re struggling to find your purpose.

Coach Micah Baines explains:

Technology is a powerful tool. We can use it to build businesses and connect with people who are physically far away from us—but it can have diminishing returns. As a reminder, spending too much time on our devices can make us anxious, negative, and separated from the people who are close to us. Our coaches’ suggestion? A digital detox! After all, it may be just what you need to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your technology.

If you want to take any of these ideas further, or explore any other mental wellness topics, reach out to a TaskHuman coach for a 1:1 live session today.

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