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August 6, 2020

The Top 5 Wellness Habits Our Coaches Swear By


TaskHuman coaches are pros in their fields. They have years of experience tailoring their coaching approach to the individual needs and goals of their clients in order to get the best results.

Although TaskHuman coaches are all about personalizing their coaching style based on the individual needs of their clients, they can’t deny that some self-care habits are essential for everyone—regardless of their personal situation.

Here are the top 5 wellness habits that TaskHuman coaches urge you to start doing ASAP.

1. Drink more water

60% of an adult human is water. So it makes sense that getting enough H20 will help your body. The science behind how much water is the right amount is mixed, but most scientists agree: our bodies need water to function properly and even mild dehydration can cause people to lose cognitive and physical abilities.

Listen as Coach Sarai Stevenson explains:

Part of what makes drinking water so powerful is what it implies about what you’re not drinking. If you’re drinking more water, then you likely aren’t drinking sugary sodas and juices (or you’re drinking less, at least). And the same way water supports your body’s proper functioning, sugar causes chronic inflammation and a host of other undesirable conditions.

Coach Lila Bergroth explains her thoughts about the importance of hydration:

Hydration is the foundation of most coaches’ wellness habits. It starts you off on the right path to incorporating other healthy habits, like getting enough sleep.

2. Get more sleep

Ah sleep. We all want more of it, yet it is often the first thing to go as soon as our lives get busy. In fact, according to the American Sleep Foundation, only 10% of adults prioritize their sleep.

We all know the effects of one night of bad sleep: feeling grumpy, foggy-brained, and clumsy. But the long-term effects of chronic sleep deprivation take a steep turn for the worse. It is connected to an increased likelihood of serious disease, poor performance, and even early death.

Coach Kelly Hawk explains:

One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting enough sleep is to practice good sleep hygiene, like limiting afternoon caffeine intake, adequate natural light during the day, and creating a sleep routine. By “setting the stage” for sleep, your body knows what is expected, and you will fall asleep quicker. Plus, the sleep itself will be more restful. So even when it’s not a full 7-8 hours, you’ll feel better.

Coach Julie McClosky explains why sleep hygiene is important:

Working to build better sleep habits will give you more energy each day. Use that abundance to move your body.

3. Move more

TaskHuman coaches agree that it’s not the overall rigor of your exercise that is most critical—although they’re down for a good ol’ HIIT workout when you want it! Instead, it’s the cumulative minutes you move during your day and week that is essential.

With our more sedentary jobs and lifestyles, daily movement isn’t a given for many. We need to make sure we’re adding it in regularly. Even a walk with the dog for 30 minutes is enough to reap the benefits. Those benefits include: blood sugar regulation, reduction of risk for some cancers, reduction of risk of falls, and even improved mental health.

Coach Elan Adre explains why you need to move:

If you already incorporate some movement in your day, it could be time for you to increase the amount or intensity. Our bodies are designed to improve and adapt. The workout that gave you critical health benefits two months ago may now be too easy. (Yes, it’s still good for you, but you’re working to constantly improve.)

Coach Matthew Stotts describes why pushing yourself is important:

Good habits tend to breed other good habits. Use your momentum from exercise to eat nutritious foods.

4. Eat healthier foods

The foods we eat have a direct impact on how we feel. When we fill our bodies with high-quality, healthy foods, we are optimizing our body’s functioning. It allows us to have the energy we need to fuel our day, and it gives us key nutrients that support our immune systems.

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be difficult. There are many choices that work for different people. Knowing your body and what works for you is key.

Listen as Coach Jennifer Olive explains:

Part of sticking with healthy eating habits is planning what to eat ahead of time. Creating a meal plan for yourself can be helpful. It takes the guesswork out of meal prep, and it gives you a pre-made response for when you’re tired and hungry at the end of your day.

Coach Ashley Hawkins describes the idea of meal planning:

The first 4 wellness habits are physical habits. They all work to improve mood, but they don’t specifically address the mind. The final habit starts with the mind.

5. Develop mindfulness

At its core, mindfulness means focusing on what you are and where you are in the given moment. It means turning away from outside distractions and turning toward yourself.

In our fast-paced society, it is too easy to disregard our own emotions and thinking, but the benefits of turning inward are powerful.

Coach Michelle Millburn describes those benefits:

Having a mindfulness practice activates your brain to soothe and relax itself, which leads to stronger immune systems and more positive relationships. Your mindfulness practice doesn’t need to be complicated, either.

Listen as Coach Rebecca Arsena explains:

While these 5 wellness habits are simple to understand, they do take practice to incorporate. Start small and work to improve each day. Keep in mind that the benefits of learning these habits outweigh the discomfort of change.

Listen as Coach Bobbie Rasmussen outlines the rewards:

If you’re ready to take on these top self-care habits, and you want a reliable coach to guide you along the way, schedule a 1:1 video chat with a LIVE TaskHuman coach today. They’re ready to help you get started on your wellness journey and crush your goals!


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