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August 25, 2021

Deb Provin-Martin’s Experience with Gut Health Sparked Her Passion


In a recent episode of the podcast TaskHuman Talks, host and TaskHuman Coach Jamie Carroll chatted with fellow Coach Deb Provin-Martin.

Deb is a holistic health coach and loves discussing all things nutrition and gut-health. Here are the key elements of their conversation:

1. Son’s Health Gave Her Meaning

When Deb’s son was young, he suffered from chronic stomach aches. He also found it difficult to focus and even had some anxiety issues.

His doctors wanted to put him on medication for all of his symptoms, but that solution didn’t sit well with Deb. She knew that if his stomach hurt, it must be something he was consuming that was bothering him.

Deb combed through resources in the library (it was the early 90s) to figure out what could be bothering her son. She decided it was probably milk. Despite getting pushback from doctors and well-meaning people, Deb eliminated dairy from her son’s diet.

It helped, but it didn’t cure the belly issues.

Then, when her son was 15 years old, he was diagnosed with celiac disease. After eliminating gluten, he began to feel much better.

Her son’s struggles to feel well sparked Deb’s passion for nutrition and understanding how our bodies react to food.

“It inspired me to become a health coach,” she says.

2. Your Gut Is Your Gateway

Because we absorb our nutrients through our gut, if your gut is unhealthy, you can be more prone to disease or just a general sense of feeling unwell.

“The gut is the custodian of the immune system,” Deb says.

Just because you’re not allergic to a specific type of food doesn’t mean that food is good for you. There are many foods that can cause adverse reactions but aren’t allergens. And part of the problem is that it can be tricky to figure out what it is that actually causes those negative reactions.

The reaction can be delayed up to 24 hours. That means, you could feel the effects, like brain fog and digestion issues, long after you’ve eaten the food.

To find out what foods bother you, try an elimination diet. Eat bland, simple foods for at least two weeks. Then slowly add in other foods to see if it triggers a response.

“It’s like feeding a baby,” Deb says.

You need to keep the reintroduction of foods slow, so you’re certain of what caused any reactions.

3. Start with Probiotics

If you want to support your gut health, Deb recommends starting with probiotics. They help balance the flora in your digestive tract and increase your nutrient absorption.

While there are many reputable probiotic brands, not all probiotics are the same. To make sure you are getting the most out of your probiotic, it should have at least 7-10 strands of bacteria and at least 5 billion CFUs per dose. It will help keep your probiotic as pure as possible.

“Look for labels that don’t have anything in the ‘other’ ingredients,” she says. It will help keep your probiotic as pure as possible.

4. Adaptogens Are Wonderful

According to Deb, adaptogens are herbs that help our bodies deal with everyday stress. And our current lifestyle and societal demands are causing us more and more stress. That stress can disrupt the levels of our stress hormones, like cortisol.

Adaptogens can help restore balance to our hormone levels. And they come in tea, powder, or capsule form.

Adaptogens can also help us have more natural energy. Our stress levels and energy levels are combined.

“When we lower our stress, we’re automatically going to have better energy,” Deb says.

To help us increase our energy and overall health, Deb encourages us to practice multiple avenues of wellness.

“Nutrient intake, adaptogens, meditation, dancing, yoga, pilates… you know, anything you need to get back to a moment of peace,” she says.

5. Optimal Wellness through Nutrients

To keep your immune system in top shape, Deb recommends supplementing with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D. They work to bolster your immune system and help you fight off any germs you come in contact with.

If Deb could choose 3 things for you to focus on it would be nutrients, a balanced lifestyle, and hydration. And if you can’t find balance in your life right now, finding someone to talk to is just as important.

“A TaskHuman coach would really help,” Deb says. “We need someone to talk to. Talking brings balance back.”

The pandemic has been difficult for most people. But Deb also thinks it provides an opportunity.

“It’s like a fresh, white canvas in front of us,” she says. Deb also likes to encourage people to “do today what your future self would thank you for.”

Want to watch the whole podcast? Listen to it here! And, if you’re ready to make positive changes and want guidance, our TaskHuman coaches are ready to help you step into your future with energy and passion.


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