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May 30, 2024

Feeling Run Down? Try One of These 4 Things

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Feelings of burnout can happen to anyone. Our jobs, relationships, and other responsibilities are reasons we stop practicing self-care, which can lead to feelings of apathy. But there are simple ways you can bring interest and joy back into your life. TaskHuman coaches want to share their go-to strategies for overcoming feelings of burnout. So, if you’re feeling run down, try one of these 4 things.

1. Change Your Routine

Practice does lead to progress, but if you are doing the same thing all of the time, that routine sometimes becomes boring. When you’re bored, your energy is lower, and you don’t have the same spark for work. This drain can lead to feeling run down.

Listen as Coach Zac Cooper explains:

When you’re in the moment, and you realize you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be good to make a change right then. Even a small shift helps bring new perspective and energy to what you’re doing.

Coach Melissa Turnage explains:

Sometimes those feelings of burnout carry throughout your entire day. When this happens, you may need to change more than one activity to feel reinvigorated. By reviewing your daily habits and routines, you may discover where you can bring more energy and inspiration into your day.

Coach Julia Pontones explains:

2. Change Your Mindset

It may not be something you want to hear, but feeling run down is in your head. The good news is that feeling better is also based on your thoughts. If you can manage to change your thinking about your responsibilities, you can change your feelings about them too.

The first thing you need to do is determine what is causing you to feel run down. Working to get to the bottom of your thoughts will help you figure out where you need to go.

Listen to Coach Manoj Kunnath Unnikrishan explain:

Once you determine the cause of your burnt out feelings, you need to work to bring yourself back to the present. By being in the present moment, you can see the work or the situation for what it is, and the feelings of burnout often diminish.

Coach Regina De Los Reyes explains:

If feeling run down persists for you, consider working to stop the drains on your energy. Finding the things that are pulling you away from your vibrancy will help you regain your focus and drive. It can also help you feel more gratitude, which can push you to reframe your tasks from ones of obligation to ones of desire.

Listen to Coach Anita Steele explain:

3. Change Your Habits

One habit many TaskHuman coaches use to manage their feelings of burnout is journaling. The act of writing down our thoughts and feelings can help us name them, which can quickly reduce their intensity. It’s like our subconscious has been trying to “remember” what we are feeling, but when we write it down, our brain lets go of it.

Additionally, being mindful can help us realize that our circumstances aren’t as bad as we may think that they are. To keep going, it can help to simply focus on small things, one at a time.

Coach Katherine Butchino explains:

Just as taking time to journal is good self-care, so is taking care of your body in other ways. Like journaling, food that supports your health will help your mind too. Good self-care, including journaling and eating well will all work to help ease your feelings of burnout.

Listen to Coach Stephanie Thibodeau explain:

4. Change Your Immediate Situation

Feelings of burnout can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming. In some instances, feeling run down may result in lower productivity, and ultimately, you, not doing your best work. Instead of pushing through to get the project done, pause, reassess, and take time for you. Later, you can come back to your work with a clearer mind and fresher eyes.

Listen to Coach Lyndada Harding explain:

In any situation that is overwhelming or making you feel run down, you can pause and breathe. Instead of resisting the feelings and emotions, allow them to flow. Go for a walk in nature and give yourself permission to think and feel. It allows you to come back to yourself.

Coach Jean Sheridan explains:

Feeling run down can happen to anyone. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a signal that tells you when you’re doing too much, that you’ve lost your center, and that you’ve gone too long without focusing on wellness and self-care.

If you’re ready to change your practices and mindset to better support your well-being, TaskHuman coaches are ready to help. Reach out to any of the coaches for a 1:1 call today.

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