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July 2, 2021

Nena Discovers New Wellness Strategies with TaskHuman


SWe know that managing our wellness is important. It can mean the difference between a day that happens for you and a day that happens to you. And we may even know some strategies for supporting our wellness, but there’s always more to explore and learn.

TaskHuman user Nena Woo discovered how much more about wellness there was to learn when she started using the app. Her company, BTS, offers unlimited access to TaskHuman as part of their benefits package, and Nena takes full advantage. She quickly realized that the diverse offerings and low-stakes chance to try new things meant she was able to go wherever her interests took her, without commitment.

Here’s where her TaskHuman wellness journey has taken her so far:

1. Find Work-Life Balance

When she started using the TaskHuman app, Nena’s primary focus was working to establish more work-life balance. She was newly employed at BTS, and that change, along with other circumstances in her life, caused her to feel higher-than-normal levels of stress.

She quickly discovered that she really liked the variety of topics that the TaskHuman app offered. What started as a way for her to find a personal outlet, turned into personal training, conditioning, dance cardio, and even oracle reading.

She tried “just some other fun things that sparked my interest that I hadn’t tried before,”she explains.

Pursuing her diverse interests stemmed from BTS’s generosity. Because it is a free benefit, Nena can schedule as many sessions as she needs or wants without worrying about her personal budget.

“I was just inspired that I could try a lot of different types of coaching for free,”she says.

While not every wellness practice is Nena’s style, she thinks the 1:1 element is critical to her success.

2. Get 1:1 Coaching

A huge benefit of having 1:1 live coaching is that the coach sees you and your unique needs. They can tailor the practice to exactly what you need, which means you see more specific progress.

The 1:1 sessions also mean there is a higher level of privacy.

“Everyone has been very nice and receptive,” Nena says. “I feel safe and comfortable, and I’m having a lot of fun.”

The sessions also provide a much needed sense of social and personal interaction.

“It’s providing some social experience,” Nena says.

Knowing that the app is there has helped Nena achieve her health and wellness goals. She can schedule her appointments ahead of time, which means she makes the time to work on herself.

“It’s helped me get back into a routine where I’m working out or doing some kind of physical self-help and also emotional and mental self-help on almost a daily basis,” she explains.

3. Click With a Coach

There are a lot of coaches to connect with on TaskHuman. That means, there is someone you’ll connect with in any wellness area. For Nena, it is Reita Johnston and Jackie Van Der Velde with whom she found that instant rapport.

“I recommend both of them,” Nena says. “I love working with both of them.” She couldn’t choose one or the other because they both have different styles and approaches that are working for her.

The FREE consultations offered by TaskHuman allow you to assess if you click with a coach before you schedule a full-length session. It’s a worry-free way to make sure you’re getting the value you want.

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4. Build Consistency Easily

Nena now uses the app almost daily. She likes to schedule her sessions ahead of time, so she has an appointment for different wellness areas once a week.

“I’m doing several different things,” she explains, “including personal training, cardio workouts, oracle readings, so I try to do the life coaching and the physical wellness at least once a week.”

Part of what makes it easy for Nena to have daily sessions is the variety TaskHuman offers. She knows she’s getting great value too.

“You get so much variety for sessions that would cost hundreds of dollars,” she says.

The value of the app is evident for Nena. She knows that having dedicated coaches focused solely on her helped her reach her goals, and that the improvements are here to stay.

“My inspiration for downloading the app is just having the opportunity for somebody to coach you and hold you accountable for the goals that you want to achieve,” she says.

If you’re still hesitant about making the first call, Nena has advice for that too.

5. Make the Call

Sure, calling someone you don’t know can be a little intimidating, but it’s worth it if it means you make progress toward your goals.

Because the initial consultation video call with EVERY coach is free, it means you don’t have the added pressure of a long-term commitment when you start.

“It’s [coaches] that I feel like I vibe with that – that understand what it is I’m looking for and how to help me accomplish that, and there are coaches that I’ve felt aren’t coaches that work for me, and it’s fine,” Nena says.

TaskHuman coaches want you to keep looking until you know you’ve found someone who best suits you. They don’t expect you to match with everyone. That’s why the app works. You find the coach(es) whose personality, style, and expertise align with your own and your goals. That personalized experience is what helps users find success.

To hear Nena’s full story, check it out here.

If you’re ready to make progress toward your wellness goals, book a LIVE video call with a TaskHuman coach today. TaskHuman coaches are ready to help you in any area of wellness!

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