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February 19, 2021

The Best Ways to Incorporate Wellness into Your Day

Consistent wellness practices are important to our overall health. When we establish wellness routines or goals, we learn to make choices that keep our body, mind, and spirit as healthy as we can. Creating a wellness routine is one thing, but sticking to your plan is a whole other challenge…but one that TaskHuman coaches are pros at making realistic and attainable.

Here are 7 tips from TaskHuman Providers to help you incorporate wellness into your everyday life.

1. Set Intentions

When you set intentions for the day, you put what matters to you in the front of your brain. It can be small, like staying patient with your toddler, or it can be big, like creating peace in the world. By creating focus around your intention, you shift your thought toward it. With your thoughts pointed toward what you want, the actions to get there are more fluid.

Listen as Provider Julia Pontones explains:

2. Create a Plan

Writing down your plan for your day gives you the structure you need to follow through. When you know what you need to get done and what you’d like to get done, prioritizing tasks is easier.

Provider Helen Cloots explains:

Having a clear plan also comes in handy when you need to change direction. Life happens: kids get sick, pipes break, or friends need help. And when it happens, the prior planning of your day simplifies rearranging your schedule to accommodate the new need.

Listen as Provider Amy Rockett explains:

Establishing a plan also allows you to see where you are and where your goal is. It gives you the steps you need to take to make progress toward your goal. You can see on paper when you’re going to be making those steps. There’s no guessing or hoping you can fit it in.

Provider Tiffany Albury describes how it works:

3. Have a Morning Routine

Morning routines are essential because they start your day with familiarity and calm. You know without thinking what you’re going to do next. They create a gentle path for your brain while you fully wake up. Instead of running around distracted and feeling “busy,” you can flow through your morning lightly.

Provider Kristen Marias explains:

4. Create an Evening Routine

In the same way a morning routine starts your day gently, an evening routine can allow your body to lean into the rest you want to give it. Like we do for our children, providing our bodies and minds with a calm, peaceful method of getting ready for bed makes falling asleep and staying asleep easier. And better sleep today means a better tomorrow.

Provider Ahmad Grigsby explains:

5. Make Time for Meditation or Reflection

Meditation offers numerous benefits to our minds and bodies. It builds mindfulness, reduces stress, and even boosts creativity. Not to mention, it allows us to reflect and learn from our experiences and find new ways of dealing with uncomfortable situations.

Listen as Provider Ian Berry explains:

As we do more reflection, we become better able to understand our emotions and identify signs related to our wellbeing. We understand that getting into the thoughts and feelings behind our emotions will help us in our wellness journey.

Listen as Provider Jessica Bahr explains:

Meditation and reflection can also help you move toward your goal. Thinking calmly about what we want can help us see the steps to get there more clearly.

Provider Gina Merlini explains:

6. Understand Yourself

Getting to know yourself intimately is a process. Sorting through your thoughts and emotions can be messy. But it’s worth it! When you know yourself well—from a place of love and compassion—you make choices that serve your highest self: the person you want to be.

Provider Amanda Crooks explains:

Working to be the best version of yourself means developing your insight into what you need. We often resist the messy emotions because, well, they’re messy. But in them is where we can learn so much.

Provider Mia Tarduno explains:

Knowing your wellness needs doesn’t mean that following through is always easy. Finding your “why” for your wellness goals is an important motivator for when things are tough.

Listen as Provider Lionel King explains:

It also helps to lean into what you are grateful for. When we practice gratitude, we can actually make ourselves healthier. Isn’t that what wellness is ultimately about?

Provider Leila Petewon explains:

7. Keep Trying

Life isn’t always easy. Part of being human is having positive and negative experiences. But what we do with those challenging experiences can have a big impact on our wellness. When we keep trying to reach a goal, we build resilience that will sustain us over the next difficult time.

Listen as Parenting Coach, Chelsea Roberts, explains how continuing to build resilience can not only benefit children, but adults too.

If you’re ready to begin your wellness journey, or you think you could use some professional insight into your existing wellness routine, reach out to a live TaskHuman provider for a 1 -on- 1 video call today.

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