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April 7, 2021

Crush Your Goals with 1:1 Coaching

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When you have big goals, any progress toward your goal is progress. But 1:1 coaching can be the difference between limping toward the finish line and absolutely tearing up the field.

TaskHuman coaches work with consumers 1:1 and have first-hand knowledge about how that individual attention can really up-level your results. For them, the better progress comes from three things: consumer and coach openness, consumer motivation, and consumer growth.

TaskHuman coaches open up about how you can crush your goals with 1:1 coaching.

1. Consumer – Coach Openness

Working with a coach 1:1 allows you to be more open with them. Once you’ve established your relationship, you can work to get to the root of your goal. The openness allows your coach to know you better.

Listen to Coach Rebecca Arsena explain:

Understanding and trusting your coach – and them you- gives you the security you need to be vulnerable. It also makes it easier to communicate with your coach. That communication is the foundation for being able to make huge progress toward your goals.

Coach Caryn Robbins explains:

Your coach wants to connect with you, and the 1:1 atmosphere makes it easier to do that. The better your coach understands who you are and what you want, the better your coach will be able to guide you through obstacles and resistance. Your coach becomes your trusted partner in the journey.

Listen as Coach Meredith Prewitt explains:

Creating openness with your coach through 1:1 coaching helps them learn who you are and develop better methods for serving you personally. Instead of a “one size fits all” lesson or perspective, they tailor their instruction and support to your unique needs.

Listen as Coach Lisa Wilder-Cappoli explains:

The ability to be open with your coach in a trusting, safe place is one reason 1:1 coaching through TaskHuman lets you achieve your goals.

2. Consumer Motivation

After the initial excitement of trying something new wears off is when the work begins, and that’s where most people fail to make progress. It can be hard to motivate yourself to work toward a goal day after day. But a 1:1 coach can help you find your motivation and accountability. You stay eager to achieve your dream, and ultimately, make major progress toward it.

Coach Dacia Stuhr explains:

The motivation 1:1 coaching provides can go beyond your “big goal” too. A personal coach can see, understand, and help with the small goals you may have from day to day. They can see when you need to be pushed or when you need to rest. They can see if you need a different type of motivation because you’re tired or because you’re ready to go. That individualized coaching is what helps you reach your goal.

Coach Donna Scott explains:

There is safety in working with a coach in a 1:1 capacity too. You will have a bad day. Everyone does. When it happens, knowing you’re working with a coach who understands you can help you through that situation. Your coach wants you to succeed, and in a way that you feel most comfortable.

Listen as Coach Gene Altidor explains:

Keeping your motivation high is a key way 1:1 coaching helps you toward your goal.

3. Consumer Growth

Another way 1:1 coaching helps you crush your goal is by giving you growth with each session. The individualized plans coaches provide for you means you are working on exactly what you need to be working on to make progress.

Listen to Coach Jessica Hall explain:

Having a 1:1 coach means your coach knows where you need your personal growth to happen. They design exactly what you need to reach the next level. This step-by-step planning gets you to your goal faster.

Listen to Coach Rachel Greene explain:

The more specific your goals, the more you’ll benefit from a 1:1 coach. The difference is between wanting to be stronger and wanting to be able to complete 10 clean pull-ups in a row. It is the difference between being able to be more patient and being able to be more patient when you’re trying to get your kids to bed after an exhausting day.

Coach Keven Brown explains:

When you combine a trusting relationship with individualized coaching, you grow toward your goal. TaskHuman coaches work with you to build that connection and they excel in developing specific plans. With a TaskHuman coach’s help, you’ll work toward your specific goal during each session.

Listen to Coach Melissa Turnage explain:

Your time is important. You want to make sure you maximize your results when you’re working toward your goal. Get where you want to be and crush your goals with 1:1 coaching.

If you’re ready to get started, hop on a 1:1 video call with a LIVE TaskHuman coach today. 


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