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Guide to Capturing a Great Video

All you need is a phone to create a great profile video! Please follow these guidelines to ensure your video is high quality, professional, and engaging:



  • Film in natural lighting during the day, facing a window. This should create an effect that brightens your face, and dims your background.
  • If natural light isn’t available, sit somewhere where light is shining on your face. If you happen to have a ring light, even better!



  • Use your phone or a camera to record yourself. Avoid using your computer camera, as it’s generally much lower quality.
  • Film with your camera horizontal (in landscape).
  • Wipe off your phone’s camera lens before you start recording – this can really make a difference!
  • Set up your camera so that your head is in the top 3rd of the frame. 
  • Make sure the camera is eye level. If using a tripod, you may need to adjust it. Alternatively, you can put a stack of books under your device to raise it up.



  • Make sure you set up in a quiet place with no background noise (no adorable kids or pets, kitchen noises, air conditioner, etc.)
  • If recording with your phone, use your phone audio. Only use headphones if you know you can get high quality audio with them.
  • If recording with your computer, use headphones or an external microphone if you have one.
  • Turn your phone on airplane mode to avoid incoming distractions (texts, notifications, etc.)



  • Wear something you feel great in! This will be used on your coaching profile, so wear something that you feel represents you as a professional.



  • We want your personality and energy to shine through the video! Avoid reading from a script, and instead talk from the heart. This will help prospective clients connect with you. 
    • Tip 1: Try one recording with a script, and one without. See which you like better! Which looks more natural? Which better represents your personality?
    • Tip 2: If you’re nervous, shake it off before hitting record! 
  • Answer each question with a full sentence “My specific approach to coaching is ____”
  • Try not to bump your desk or camera while we are recording – this will make the video shaky


And that’s it. We can’t wait to see your videos!

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