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May 13, 2022

You CAN Still Hire Great Salespeople

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Are you looking for a few good salespeople? Take a number… As you might expect, it is just as hard to hire good salespeople as it is to hire for other roles in today’s job market. Great salespeople are hard to find and even harder to onboard. So what are you to do if you’re a sales manager with a handful of sales roles to fill, revenue goals to meet, and slim to no qualified candidates in your sightline? You want to hire the right candidates, but you needed to fill the role yesterday. Here’s how.

Be Someone Great Salespeople Want To Work For

The best way to hire people is to reflect on the kind of people you want to work for you. Be the best sales manager you can be, the kind that people want to come to work for. TaskHuman’s coaching platforms can help sales managers become exceptional leaders. Coaches with decades of sales leadership experience can meet in a 1:1 setting on the manager’s schedule. They can quickly help sales managers sharpen their ability to lead, inspire, and attract top talent.

Great salespeople want to work for a winning team in addition to an effective sales leader.

Sales managers can prioritize building and maintaining a superb sales culture within the sales team. Suppose the team includes lots of top performers, and you’re driving a culture committed to success. In that case, chances are, your star salespeople are already talking to their friends in sales and recruiting for you.

93% of world-class sales organizations credit success to highly effective sales managers, says MHI Global. Are your current salespeople happy and effective? If there’s work to be done, do it now. TaskHuman’s coaching platform can help transform struggling sales cultures into attractive teams that salespeople want to join. Our sales coaches are available to work individually with each sales team member on everything from stress management to pipeline consistency to individual motivation and discipline. They’re also there to support the career development process so that sales associates can become great leaders themselves as your company expands. You’ll never struggle with hiring the right superstar again when the word gets out that your team is the place to be.

Always Be Looking For Talent

While it’s true that the market is down right now and hiring is hard, great salespeople have always been in high demand. It’s always been difficult to hire them. That’s because the best salespeople are not actively looking for a new job. They’re busy doing what it takes to close deals. They’re successful at what they do and meeting their goals, so they aren’t pursuing job boards and sending out resumes. It’s important for sales managers to always be hunting for excellent salespeople. You’re not going to find your best candidates on job boards. You’ll find them out in the field where they’re working. It pays to keep your eyes open for people selling to you. If you notice an exceptionally talented sales rep for the products and services you buy, let them know about your job opportunity.

Additionally, managers should stay active in their networking circles and make it known in peer groups why a sales job on your team is attractive. LinkedIn is still a great option for reaching out, but not in the sense of directly approaching potential candidates. Asking for introductions works better. It’s as simple as a direct message like this: “I have a sales associate role available on a growing team with plenty of upside for the right candidate. Do you know someone you would recommend?” If you send your inquiries to your authentic relationships, there’s a stronger chance of gaining a credible list of potential candidates.

Hold On To The Talent You’ve Got

Beating a dead horse here, but it’s so important that it’s worth saying again. If you commit to creating an environment that supports and invigorates your sales team, they won’t leave. That’s important because you won’t have roles to fill due to retention problems. When great salespeople leave, you lose your investment. Why not hold on to the corporate knowledge and experience so the roles you’re filling have been created by growth. These are easier roles to fill and fun as well. You’re often rewarding top performers with the promotion they’ve wanted, and you’re bringing entry-level salespeople into a winning team with longevity and growth potential.

TaskHuman’s coaching platform can help support sales team members in other facets of their wellbeing beyond their career but with significant career benefits. More than just sales and leadership coaching, TaskHuman offers coaching in an extensive variety of health and wellness practices and recreational hobbies. This can especially benefit salespeople who work in a demanding field and don’t always deal with stress in healthy ways until it’s too late. As a sales manager, you can make TaskHuman’s coaching platform available to support your team’s holistic wellness, increasing both their satisfaction and effectiveness at work.

Ultimately there will always be a competition for great salespeople. But with the right sales leadership, sales culture, and team support, you can attract and keep the talent you need to meet your revenue goals in a down market. Let TaskHuman help!

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