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February 13, 2023

Mentorship Program Use Case: Career Development

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Employees at a real estate company want to further their career/get promoted but don’t know where to start. Early career professionals are impacted more since their network is already limited, especially if they are in a less visible area of the company, come from a different background than the majority of employees, or they simply have underdeveloped networking skills. There are employees in certain departments who may have interest in other fields/departments but don’t have a solid foundation to start their learning. Without resources to help employees work from the bottom up, their leadership team isn’t very diverse. Leaders at the company are now trying to think of ways to foster career development for their employees.


TaskHuman helps connect mentees with the right mentor based on the mentee needs and desires. The mentorship platform creates a safe and private environment to bring up questions without judgment and for mentors to bring in tips and expertise


A learning and growth culture has successfully been encouraged within the company. There are now open opportunities for cross-functional or lateral career pathing. Talent development costs have decreased since the mentorship program through TaskHuman is using internal staff rather than bringing in 3rd party/paid-for-training courses. The relationships that these mentees have fostered have influenced and encouraged their development, leading to their career and personal growth. In the end, this leads to better performance and better results for the organization.”

Reimagine Your Internal Mentorship Program

TaskHuman believes in the concept of coaching. As a real-time coaching platform we believe employees need to find the right support at the right time. Mentorship should be delivered in the same way – easy on both parties, and seamless! Do you think your company can benefit from a mentorship program? Learn how TaskHuman can become a constant companion for your team, amplifying them to develop their skills while fostering internal connectivity. 

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