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September 28, 2022

As Recession Looms, TaskHuman Offers To Support


Are we in a recession? That’s a matter of intense debate right now, but one thing is clear: Growing recession fears are causing job cuts to mount.

Planned layoffs in the United States soared in June by 57 percent over the previous month and reached their highest total since February 2021, job placement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas recently reported.

From a mental well-being perspective, this job market turbulence is a further stressor after two years of post-pandemic societal anxiety.

And bear in mind that emotional turmoil from job upheaval isn’t limited to those who have already received a pink slip: Scientists have found that mere job uncertainty can take a greater toll on one’s health than actually losing the job.

TaskHuman is here to support employees who have been laid off, employees who remain after a layoff, and managers who are leading through a (potentially) recessionary environment.

Responding to the rise in layoffs is a natural extension of our mission to deliver personalized coaching in more than 1,000 areas of work and personal life – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, and professional – via LIVE 1:1 video calls.

While we encourage HR departments to ensure their employees are taken care of in all aspects of their life by offering TaskHuman, now more than ever, we welcome employers to consider extending access to all those impacted by layoffs.

Here is how our diverse network of coaches can assist employees and managers during this uncertain time:

Employees Impacted By A Layoff:

  • Career transition specialists on TaskHuman’s digital coaching platform can help people whose jobs have ended or are in jeopardy think through next steps and plan their strategies.
  • Our coaches can aid with resume building, interviewing tips, leadership techniques, negotiating skills, goal setting, and other ways to prepare for the next job and nurture a successful career long term.
  • TaskHuman’s financial wellness specialists can advise on managing finances during a challenging time.
  • Our coaches can help people work through how they might see a layoff as a milestone event for refocusing their lives moving forward, whether that means better physical fitness, a healthier diet, new spiritual practices, or improved family dynamics.
  • Emotional resilience, self-compassion, stress control, and even grief management can all be important tools for layoff victims to stay on their feet emotionally. Guidance from TaskHuman coaches in those areas can help affected workers handle whatever comes with clarity and calmness.

Support Employees Remaining After A Layoff:

  • Every employee is affected by a layoff — including those who remain at the company. Our coaches can help these employees process feelings of anxiety, grief, and even guilt.
  • TaskHuman’s career coaches can help employees maintain their focus, productivity, and creativity amidst uncertainty at work. Our coaches are also available to help them cultivate healthy fitness, nutrition, and wellness habits outside of work.
  • After a layoff, remaining employees may be asked to “do more with less” and take on additional responsibilities. TaskHuman can provide guidance to help these employees tackle new tasks and avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Employees can also seek guidance from our coaches on how to empower themselves, continue learning, and maintain perspective as they chart the next phase of their career.

Managers Leading Through A Downturn:

  • Managers leading through a downturn will need to be agile, productivity-focused and innovative, as revenues fall and expenses are cut to protect profits. Our coaches can help managers with change management, motivation, and team effectiveness skills.
  • Leading in a downturn requires different leadership skills — and many of today’s leaders have never led through a sustained economic downturn. The ability to cope, learn from failure, and drive resiliency within their teams will be key for leaders. TaskHuman can help these leaders learn and refine these skills.
  • In a recessionary environment, leader and team efficiency is mission critical to business success. Today’s leaders must act quickly when they see opportunities to improve processes to drive efficiency and cost savings across the organization. ​​Also, leaders must have the confidence to make these decisions and drive the business forward. Offering ongoing coaching allows managers to feel supported as they make necessary decisions during uncertain times.
  • Managers must be transparent, trustworthy, and comfortable “over communicating” to ensure their teams are aligned with the most up-to-date strategy. Meanwhile, downturn-ready leaders must be able to maintain and boost team confidence to minimize fears of layoffs and loss. TaskHuman can provide direction on how to see the opportunity hidden within adversity.

It’s unfortunate that the times we live in demand such capabilities, but we’re proud to offer them. TaskHuman’s purpose is to be a coaching, learning, and development platform for all aspects of work and personal life, and providing support to those experiencing job uncertainty is a logical part of that mission.

We hope people affected will take advantage of our services, whether through their employer or on their own through the app store.

We at TaskHuman send our love and support to people whose jobs have ended or are at risk because of the current economic climate. And we are committed to doing anything we can to help them.

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