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Rate Schedule

Virtual Standard Events


1.1 Virtual Standard Event Definition: Events lasting no more than an hour in length and completely online.

1.2  Rate Opportunity for Single Standard Event (One-Time, Non-Recurring):

$80 USD/Session

1.3  Rate Opportunity for Multiple Standard Events (Recurring):

2 Events– $140
3 Events– $180
4 Events– $200
5 Events– $250
6 Events– $300
7 Events – $350
8 Events – $400
9 Events – $450
10 Events – $500

1.4 Flat Rate: Virtual Standard Event rates are considered flat rate, meaning all related activities prior to the event are considered to be included in the flat rate, with no additional compensation.

1.5 Approved Preparatory Activities: The TaskHuman Events Coordinator, may in their discretion- in advance of event(s) notify you in writing that specific preparatory activities may be involved, and the specific amount of time allowed to be allocated in preparation for the event(s). If this applies, then you are required to submit to the TaskHuman Events Coordinator no more 72 hours after the event for the specific amount of time you spent preparing for the event(s). The rate for preparatory activities is the same as your current coaching rate in effect with TaskHuman at the time of the event or at the time of the first event in a series of events.

1.6 Requests for Preparatory Activities: You may also request that the TaskHuman Events Coordinator include preparatory work prior to the event or series of events, but it is in the TaskHuman Events Coordinator’s discretion whether to permit the preparatory activities and define the scope and time limits for such preparatory activities.

1.7 Guarantee: Once an event or series of events has been defined, agreed upon, and a date is set the payment to you as the Provider is considered guaranteed.

1.8 Prohibition on Collecting Directly from Third Party Organizations: Under no circumstances, should you seek payment from the third party organization.

1.9 Payment Schedule:

A. For single virtual standard events  we will process payment in conjunction with our standard payment processing schedule for coaching.

As an example: Coach A completes a single event on February 14th, then the Coach can expect to receive payment for the single event in March in conjunction with March payments (for the February Billing Cycle)

B. For multiple virtual standard events we will process payment at the completion of the series of events in conjunction with our standard payment processing schedule for coaching.

As an example: Coach B completes two events. The first event is on February 14th and the second event is on March 15th  then the Coach can expect to receive payment for the events in conjunction with April payments (for the March Billing Cycle)

2.0 Domestic Payments

A. For U.S. (Domestic) Tax Residents payment will be issued via Bill.com, as a separate payment.

2.1 International Payments

A. For Non-U.S. Tax Residents payment will be issued via Deel, as a combined payment with your coaching payment.

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