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Case Study: TaskHuman’s Support for Non-Profits

Empowering Humanitarian Missions Worldwide


The Challenge

A government humanitarian organization, committed to saving lives and safeguarding the rights of refugees, tasked TaskHuman with addressing three critical objectives:


The organization operates in some of the world’s most isolated regions, serving vulnerable populations. Employees frequently grapple with profound isolation in these challenging environments.

Supporting employees in their journey from early-career roles to leadership positions is a top priority. However, the organization faced difficulties in providing effective training due to its widely dispersed workforce.

The organization’s unique work environment presented employees with multifaceted challenges, impacting both their professional and personal lives.


The Start

TaskHuman was chosen to provide innovative solutions to these critical issues, ultimately enabling the organization to enhance its impact and support its dedicated workforce. The client chose TaskHuman as their solution for the following three key reasons:

TaskHuman offers a diverse and global population of coaches to support and grow employees’ capabilities worldwide, addressing the challenge of serving at-risk populations in remote areas and ensuring that support is available whenever and wherever it’s needed.

TaskHuman enables the client to provide targeted management development to new managers across the globe, addressing the challenge of empowering early-career employees to step into leadership roles effectively.

TaskHuman aligns with the client’s goal of delivering support and growth for personal well-being and professional development across the whole person experience, recognizing and addressing the challenges employees face in the work environment.


The Impact

The impact achieved through TaskHuman is noteworthy, with significant improvements reported in professional development, mental and emotional well-being, personal growth, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices. Users have found support in achieving their professional goals, managing stress, feeling supported by their employer, improving workplace relationships, and effectively balancing the demands of their professional and personal lives.


TaskHuman has been instrumental in helping employees:

  • Achieve peak performance at work (60%).
  • Reduce burnout and manage stress (53%).
  • Feel supported by their employer (50%).
  • Improve workplace relationships (50%).
  • Effectively balance professional and personal demands (56%).


TaskHuman’s reach spans professional development, well-being, and personal growth, effectively tackling the organization’s pre-existing core challenges.

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Users Amplified With TaskHuman

The Future

As the organization continues its partnership with TaskHuman, it can anticipate a future where its workforce is more resilient, empowered, and capable of profoundly impacting the populations it serves. With TaskHuman’s support, the organization is poised to navigate the complex landscape of remote service, leadership development, and employee well-being, ensuring a brighter future for all involved.


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