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July 27, 2022 10 Min Read

Why Marco Escareal Left The Corporate Pharmacy World To Become A Wellness Coach

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TaskHuman Talks: Marco Escareal

What if your health is more than just “not being sick”? What if turning away from traditional views of what it means to be well helps you feel better than you ever have? 

For Coach Marco Escareal, helping people improve their health was the driving force behind becoming a doctor. He wanted to make an impact with people in ways that changed their lives for the better.

After medical school and a career in the corporate pharmacy world though, he realized traditional medicine wasn’t the industry for him. Rather, he hoped to help people find the root cause of their illnesses and enable them to make actionable changes to improve their health and well-being. And he found that outlet as a wellness coach. 

Marco believes Western medicine is amazing—the technologies and services available today can save lives in ways that were unimaginable a few decades ago. But he also believes Western medicine takes a view of problem-solving, rather than problem-prevention. Insert: wellness coaches, who can help people in their whole health and well-being journey.

Marco illustrated his experiences and elaborated on his beliefs to Jamie Carroll during his time on TaskHuman Talks. Here’s what you need to know: 

1. A Wellness Coach Can Help You “See” Your Whole Body

One of Marco’s fundamental health beliefs is that disease can affect your entire body. You have the symptoms of the disease or condition, but that isn’t all. There are also the secondary effects of the disease. 

Coach Marco believes we have physical manifestations of our diseases and conditions because of the stress those conditions put on our bodies. This is where having a wellness coach can help. They can help you determine where a disease is affecting you.

“What a coach would help you do is to now craft a vision for one’s self,” he says. “Where do I want to go? What does health and wellness mean to me personally.”

The coach will also help you break your bigger journey into more manageable steps. They can help you see your way around the physical and mental barriers that are keeping you from making progress. 

2. Whole-Person Wellness Is Important

Marco is an advocate for medicine. He strongly believes there is a need for what traditional doctors do. In fact, he himself has benefited from Western medicine. He also feels that Western medicine doesn’t always go far enough.

For him, the focus is more on the physical components of health: your blood sugar levels, your body mass, or your mobility. What he’d like to see is a focus on both the body and the mind. They are interconnected and need to be treated in tandem. In other words, “what happens to the body, happens to the mind.”

Combining his mental health practices with spirituality and other pillars of wellness in his own life led him to the coaching world. 

“I think that working through my own health challenges—and also working with one or two health coaches on my own here in the Philippines—that’s where I saw the benefit of health and wellness coaching,” he says.

Improving his own health holistically reduces his need for medication to manage his conditions. In turn, Marco also tries to help others find a balance between medication and holistic wellness, because he believes it doesn’t have to be “all-or-nothing.” Instead, he wants people to see medication as having an important use, but they should also work to get to the root of the problem, so they aren’t medication-dependent for their lifetime.

3. TaskHuman Is an Invaluable Resource

Sure, it may seem like a “no-brainer” that someone who is on the app as a coach would find value in the platform. But Marco has been working as a health and wellness coach before apps like TaskHuman were available, and his appreciation for it stems from how much it helps consumers.

“I think TaskHuman as an app, as a platform, makes it so much easier to connect with coaches,” he says.

Marco appreciates how the app can assist people with limited access to professionals get the help they need. He’s excited to see TaskHuman continue to expand its leadership and forward-thinking in the global wellness community.

And he thinks the benefits of TaskHuman are even more powerful as an offering for companies to give to their employees. 

“Any organization that you connect with today,” he says, “many of them are more aware about the need to support employee wellness.”

Forward-thinking companies recognize they need to see their employees as whole people, not just cogs in the machine. 

But no matter if you’re using TaskHuman as an individual consumer, or if your company includes access as part of your benefits, Marco reminds you that the process toward wellness is a journey that takes time.

“Everybody needs to start where they are,” he says.

If you’d like to hear Marco Escareal’s entire conversation with Jamie Carroll, click here.


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