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November 18, 2021 7 Min Read

Why You Should Cultivate Gratitude Everyday

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We can transform our thinking from one of scarcity and negativity to one of abundance and positivity with just a few minutes of gratitude practice. When we practice gratitude, we develop patience, well-being, and even our creativity. Feeling thankful for what we have and how we have been blessed strengthens the neurological pathways that help us notice and engage in other positive emotions and behaviors. It’s similar to how exercising in the morning can help you make better eating choices. By practicing gratitude, our “positivity muscle” is strengthened, and positive thinking is easier.

Beyond those positive behaviors, practicing gratitude also reduces negative behaviors like stress and feelings of burnout.

While we know the benefits of practicing gratitude, sometimes our busy lives can make it less of a priority for us (which shouldn’t be an excuse!). But by scheduling a daily gratitude practice, you’re more likely to actually do it. Here, TaskHuman coaches Celene Liwanag, Casey Kucsera, and Mariana Morais explain why you should cultivate gratitude everyday.

Find Time Everyday, Even Just a Little

Coach Celene Liwanag makes sure she practices gratitude daily. Her go-to method is to make her practice short rather than not practice at all. 

Celene loves practicing gratitude by actually thanking people. Beyond that, though, the noticeable spiritual and mental benefits she gains from practicing gratitude help her stay motivated to continue her routine. 

Listen to Coach Celene Liwanag’s full explanation:

Visualize and Spread Positivity

Starting a gratitude practice doesn’t need to be complex. Beginning with a simple, concrete routine will help you maintain your practice until it becomes a habit, and can give you the same positive benefits too!

Coach Casey Kucsera uses visualization as his practice. By visualizing the people, things, and situations he’s grateful for, he focuses on them enough to let his gratitude develop into an overall joy and positive energy. He is then better able to carry that energy into his other relationships and interactions.

Casey describes his practice here:

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Drink In Gratitude to Strengthen Your Energy

For Coach Mariana Morais, practicing gratitude is like breathing air or drinking water—an absolute necessity for life. So she uses everyday situations to practice gratitude, like when she’s eating or meeting a friend. By using routine situations to find gratitude, Coach Mariana can practice several times a day. 

The regular practice also strengthens her vibrancy and energy. By recognizing and actively appreciating the blessings in her life, Coach Mariana is better prepared to stay mentally strong when the negatives of life happen.

Listen to Coach Mariana explain:

Integrate gratitude into your daily life by cultivating simple ways to practice it. Practicing simple forms of gratitude also gives you opportunities throughout the day to notice more of the good things in your life and help you shift to a positive mindset

If you’re ready to start your gratitude practice, contact one of our coaches to get the expert support you need. They’ll help you determine what kind of practice or routine works best for you, and can guide you toward success.


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