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April 27, 2022 11 Min Read

Malini Rajah Transformed Her Life With TaskHuman

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No one plans to pick up bad health habits. But sometimes we do a few small things everyday that become habits; the way we sit, what we eat, how we think about certain situations. And, over time, those practices can lead to a drop in our well-being.

For Malini Rajah, it was her desk job, combined with the stresses of the pandemic and well… life…that led to poor posture and a decrease in her overarching health & wellness. She knew she wanted to change her habits and start taking better care of her body, but she wanted to maximize her time and effort with a professional to get the results.

The in-person closures from the pandemic increased her struggle to find someone who could help her prioritize her well-being. When Malini learned her employer, Finastra, offered TaskHuman as part of their benefits program, she knew it could be the perfect solution to her conflict.

Malini created two main goals for herself. The first was to connect with other positive people. The second goal? “to focus on improving my preventative wellness,” she said.

COVID increased Malini’s awareness that surrounding herself with people who supported her well-being was important. She recognized that even though she wasn’t able to see people in person, she needed to develop her virtual presence, and learn other ways to find human connections. 

“I realized I was much happier and stress-free when I was able to connect with others,” she said.

Malini started using the app to practice yoga and to meet with specialists about other topics too. She immediately loved the 1:1 attention from the coaches and thrived knowing she was building real connections with them too. 

“It just has been a wonderful experience, and I’ve had some coaches who have transformed my life in amazing ways,” she said. 

When she first started using the app, Malini made sure she had clear goals and quickly found coaches who could help her hone in on them. Knowing what she wanted to achieve and finding professionals in those areas propelled her forward immensely.

“The two goals that I had on top of my list that TaskHuman coaches helped achieve were: financial literacy and wellness,” she said. “The second one was to improve my preventative wellness through flexibility.”

Malini credited her coaches for her transformation—and continues to thrive with them. She has learned that asking questions and leaning on their advice has—and will—always give her new tools and knowledge to succeed. Her “go-to” coaches are Jean Sheridan for Integrated Wellness, Pooja Nagpal for Reiki, Romeo Mahato for Yoga, Emily May for Restorative Yoga and Stretching, and Suzanne Marsh for Financial Literacy. 

“I have a bunch of amazing coaches that help me achieve my goals,” she says.

As she began to succeed, Malini started using the app more frequently. Now, she’s a “Super User” who clocks in several times a week. Her daily appointments help her maintain her goals. Plus, she just feels better when she’s working with her coach.

“I use the TaskHuman app at least two times a day,” she says.

Yes, achieving her goals is important to her. But now, Malini uses the app because of how she feels. It’s not reaching targets that motivates her. Instead, it is her increased well-being that prompts her to continuously book appointments.

“Using the TaskHuman app has transformed my life,” she says. 

If you want to improve your well-being, connecting with a specialist is the first step. The personalized and targeted information they give you will be a road map toward your goal(s). And if you’re nervous about making a connection, Malini encourages you to step through the awkwardness you may feel and do it anyway.

“What advice I would like to give is: think about it as having somebody to talk to or to work with,” she says, “that someone is only going to make your life better and beautiful.”

What changes could you make with just a little support? How could you transform your life because you’re working with a professional to reach your goals? Connecting with a coach will help you maximize your progress toward your target.


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