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March 24, 2021

Why 1-on-1 Coaching Is Better Than Group Coaching

Participating in group coaching, for any personal goal, is great. You can hear other people’s stories, can learn from others, and can divert attention, so you don’t feel like all eyes are on you. At the same time, the initial 1-on-1 coaching appointment might seem intimidating to some people…but it doesn’t have to be! And simply put, there are just some things that 1-on-1 coaching can give you that group coaching can’t.

Our TaskHuman providers break down their top three reasons why they love working with consumers on a 1-on-1 basis, via live video call.

1. You Build Connection

When you’re the provider’s only client in the moment, they are able to devote all of their energy to you. It helps to build a relationship that you can trust.

Listen as Coach Tim Coyle explains:

It isn’t just getting to know each other that makes 1-on-1 coaching so important. It’s also the ability to be vulnerable and real, and because of that vulnerability, get to the “meat” of your questions or issues.

Coach Maya Carl explains:

When you get 1-on-1 coaching via video call with a live provider, you have the attention of your coach for the entire session. You are able to find truths about yourself with dedicated support. You can learn about your spirituality, mindset, and fitness realities without the interference of others. It’s not selfish. It’s extremely effective.

Listen as Coach Ashley Pena explains:

Your provider is holding space for you. You are able to be open to their suggestions, and you are able to be more yourself.

Coach Caryn Robbins explains it this way:

Connection with your provider is important. It gives you the foundation you need to work toward your goals, whatever they are. It makes you motivated and ready to take on each session.

Coach Gene Altidor explains:

The connection is important, but so is the individualization that comes from 1-on-1 coaching.

2. You Have Personalization

A huge benefit of 1-on-1 coaching is the personalized instruction. Each session is designed for you. The attention is on you, and your needs are specifically met.

Listen as Coach Rachel Greene explains:

Part of why personalization is important is because we all have different stories, reasons, and needs. With personalization, you can embrace your differences and have a provider who meets you where you are.

Coach Rebecca Arsena explains:

It’s actually the individualization that some providers love about the 1-on-1 setting. While group classes can create a lot of energy, their ability to tailor coaching and really use their skill sets excites them.

Listen to Coach Erin Darling explain:

Leaning into your uniqueness is one way providers individualize their programs for you. They know the questions to ask to help you see your own path forward in your wellness journey, and they know how to support that journey. It gives them inspiration to continue to challenge you.

Coach Julia Pontones explains:

Part of the value in a personalized program is having the ability to set your own priorities. You know what you want (or realize it with the help of your provider), and you are willing to work to get there. TaskHuman providers understand this drive and work to build off of it.

Coach Jean Sheridan explains:

Connection and personalization are great, but you also need results.

3. You Get Results

In our goal-oriented society, results matter. And even if you have an easy going personality, you probably have a goal in some part of your life. 1-on-1 coaching with live TaskHuman providers can help that goal become reality through the connections and individualization providers give each client. They want you to experience positive results just as much as you do, which means they’ll give it their all in every session.

Listen to Coach Jasna Jovicevic explain:

When you’re working with a provider who is focused on you and your results, those results can come quicker than for others working in a group setting or by themselves. The alignment you develop with your provider can help you power through your resistance, and the results will follow.

Coach Liz Harlow explains:

That alignment carries a strong understanding of your goal and how to get there. The 1-on-1 live set up allows your provider to focus so clearly on you that they can see all the little adjustments you need to make, no matter what part of your wellness you’re working on. Those little changes, such as fixing your form during squats or slowing down your breathing during a meditation session, can have lasting benefits for you.

Coach Nevena Pavlovic explains:

Even if your goal is big, your providers will be there for as long as you want them to be. Having a connection with your provider isn’t a “one way street.” They also feel connected to you and love seeing your progress, no matter how small.

Listen to Coach Keven Brown explain:

Clients inspire TaskHuman providers, just as much as the providers inspire their clients. For many providers, the give-and-take inspiration is why they love what they do. Watching their clients stay motivated to tackle their goals inspires them to do the same.

Coach Arnes Kevric explains:

It may seem simple, but the ability to connect with your provider on a personal level is an important part of the process. When you build that relationship, you have more than just a “coach” or “trainer.” You have an accountability partner in your corner who wants you to have the life you dream of. And they believe you can get there.

If you’re ready to start your wellness journey, connect with a live TaskHuman provider via 1-on-1 video call today.

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