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February 14, 2022 6 Min Read

Three Simple Ways To Reverse Bad Habits

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reverse bad habits

So you’ve noticed you’ve developed some bad habits. The first thing you need to do is forgive yourself. You’re human! Believing you should never develop less than perfect routines is unattainable. Instead, give yourself grace while recognizing that some of your practices may no longer be serving you. 

The next step is to identify which habits you want to change. Remember, this will look different for everyone, so really think through what and why you want to change some of your practices. Decide for yourself which habits aren’t helping you grow. Typically habits preventing our growth are also those that show a lack of self control, like mindless scrolling on our phones. Once you’re ready, here are three simple ways to reverse bad habits.

1. Nip It In the Bud

For some of us, we notice that a particular routine is overtaking our time well before we decide to do something about it. For example, we might binge-watch a show over one weekend, only to find ourselves parked in front of the tv every evening thereafter. We know we’re doing it while it’s happening, but it’s not until we’ve permanently imprinted our shape into our couch that we decide to change.

Starting the process earlier can make it easier to reverse a habit. For Coach Tasana Kongcharoen, noticing a practice is negative is the first step to changing it quickly. To better understand why, listen to her explain her idea:

2. Reestablish Your Baseline

When we’re in flow with our lives, we feel a sense of balance. We know we’re working hard and efficiently and we’re taking care of ourselves and our relationships. When our bad habits start growing, they can throw us off-balance. We stop doing the things that help keep our minds, bodies, and spirits thriving. 

One way to reverse these bad practices is to reestablish your baseline of care in your life, says Coach Sasha Williams. For example, if you’ve been staying up too late, your first step could be to start going to bed at your optimal time, so you feel rested and ready the next morning. Coach Sasha explains how this idea works in several areas of your life:

3. Recognize the Process

Overhauling our habits can be inspiring. Sometimes we want to change all of our bad routines at the same time. Then, life can hit, and it can get hard. And if we’re not ready for the difficulties, or we don’t have a strong support system ready, we can give up. 

Coach Nevena Pavlović believes it’s important to recognize that behavior change doesn’t happen overnight and it can be more productive to focus on changing one thing at a time. By slowing down and making habit change a process, you’ll likely find greater success and reach your ultimate goal. She explains her three key ideas here:

Using these three simple ways to reverse bad habits is a great starting point. Another aspect of changing habits is having a support system and coach who can guide you along the way. TaskHuman coaches are experienced in all areas of wellness and are ready to help you grow and develop. Connect with a coach to schedule your 1:1 session and start making positive changes today! 


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