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October 14, 2023

The 8 Most Important Self-Care Activities


There’s the old saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” It’s true. When we forget—or don’t make time—to nurture ourselves, we’re not able to give our best to ourselves or those around us. Self-care is an important part of wellness and overall health. It supports movement toward your overall goals and recharges you, so you can keep going.

The individual and personal nature of self-care means there is no “one-size-fits-all” routine that will work. But there are some elements that usually work for most people. TaskHuman coaches are here to share their top self-care strategies with you. And with their years of expertise in almost every area of wellness, you know these are going to be worth trying! Here are TaskHuman coaches’ top 8 self-care strategies:


1. Positive Self-Talk

Positive self talk sets the tone for your mental resilience and mindset. Too often when something doesn’t go the way we thought it would, or should, we fall into the trap of listening to the inner voice that is all too quick to remind us of our unworthiness.

Like the mean girl in middle school, that voice needs to be silenced—and a positive, compassionate, and self-loving one needs to take over.

Listen as Coach Kate Butchino explains:

If you’re having trouble finding a kind voice for yourself, you can think about it differently. You wouldn’t speak to someone you cherish with the same level of negativity and cruelty. It can help to talk to yourself like you would a friend.

Coach Rebecca Arsena explains:

Remember to be kind to yourself—it will go a long way when it comes to your self-care and wellbeing.


2. Sleep – Lots Of Quality Sleep

Sleep often one of the first things sacrificed for the sake of others. There are situations that require us to have less than ideal sleep, like studying for an important exam or caring for a newborn. But making sleep deprivation a consistent lifestyle habit goes away from self-care and wellness.

Listen as Coach Andrea Caprio explains the importance of sleep:

Sleep is essential to your health. Wanting to get more high-quality sleep is not indulgent. It is wise and necessary.


3. Deep, Clean Breathing

Take a moment and observe your breathing right now. Are your breaths full and slow? Probably not, right?

Making sure you’re breathing deeply and thoughtfully seems simple enough, but it is difficult to keep up with. The benefits of deep breathing are undeniable, from slower heart rates to increased immunity, so it’s important to start incorporating better breathing into your day.

Listen as Coach Nona Mileva describes how to do it:

Focusing on your breath gives you moments to pause throughout your day. When you breathe consciously, it provides you with feedback about what you’re thinking and feeling.

Coach Mia Tarduno explains:

The benefits of deep breathing go beyond reducing stress. When done correctly and regularly, it opens your body and mind to make other healthy decisions.

Listen to Coach Tara Mazanec explain:

Breathing is important. It is a sign of life. Use yours to lead you to your best life: deep, rich, and full.


4. Clean Eating

What we put into our bodies not only makes us feel a certain way, but also makes us think a certain way. If we regularly load up on unhealthy food and can’t be bothered cooking nutritious meals, we are telling ourselves that we aren’t worth the effort of eating well.

Coach Bob Wischer explains:

The impact of food on our health and wellness is strong. Adopting the belief that ‘food is medicine’ can help you realize the impact and give you the willpower to make good food choices.


5. Reflection

When we practice reflection, we often work through our emotions and thoughts about a subject. The process allows us to “dig deep” and get to the bottom of our thoughts.

As self-care, reflection gives us the opportunity to think about ourselves holistically and see where we are thriving and where we could use more discipline.

Listen as Coach Ashley Hawkins explains:

Reflection gives us the opportunity to know where we are and plan a path to where we want to be.


6. Playfulness

As a kid, no one says, “When I grow up, I want to be boring.” Yet, as adults, we can lose our fun-loving natures under the weight of our responsibilities.

The thing is, that’s a choice.

Yes, we have to have jobs, pay our bills, care for our families, but the time around those responsibilities are ours. We can live them joyfully and playfully, should we choose to.

Listen as Coach Haley Smith explains:

Our age doesn’t need to be the determining factor of our level of joy. Allow yourself the self-care of play.


7. Time Alone

It often feels like there is always someone, or something, demanding our attention. A good self-care practice is to regularly find time to unplug, disconnect, and step away.

When we are alone, in relative quiet, our minds are able to stop reacting and just be. It gives our over-stimulated minds time to rest.

Coach Casey Maples explains:

The next time you find yourself alone in the car, try turning off your radio for the drive. See where your mind takes you.


8. Freedom Of Self

In a society where we are bombarded with messaging that we are “not enough,” being who we are can seem like a bold statement.

Yet, staying true to our core values and beliefs, and being brave enough to express ourselves genuinely and whole-heartedly, can be one of the most honest forms of self-care. Being yourself brings honor to the fact that you are uniquely you.

Listen to Coach Dacia Stuhr explain:

You have a combination of talents, abilities, and passions that no other person on the planet has or will have. Use them fearlessly and lean into being who you truly are.

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