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April 26, 2023

TaskHuman Unveils Native Integration for Microsoft Teams

TaskHuman Unveils Native Integration for Microsoft Teams

TaskHuman Unveils Native Integration for Microsoft Teams

New integration makes it easier than ever to engage with coaches in real time to boost personal and professional development.

TaskHuman, the 1:1 global digital coaching platform, announced a new integration with Microsoft Teams, providing a seamless user experience for those seeking both professional and personal coaching. Users will be able to book, call, and engage with coaches on more than 1,600 skills directly from their desktop while in Microsoft Teams, making personalized coaching more accessible than ever before.

As employee needs evolve, organizations must keep pace with a holistic approach to benefits that supports both personal and professional lives. By providing instant access to thousands of coaches, whenever needed, TaskHuman allows employees to prioritize their well-being and development, leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

TaskHuman’s coaching platform will be available from within Microsoft Teams in the summer of 2023 among its more than 280 million monthly active users. It is also publicly available via mobile app on iOS and Android.

Benefits at-a-glance:

  • Download the TaskHuman app directly in Microsoft Teams. TaskHuman will be made available to users through their companies, as it is frequently provided to employees as a wellness benefit. Employees can book and conduct a call directly from a desktop device while in TaskHuman on Microsoft Teams.
  • Integrate bookings on Microsoft calendars. Users can seamlessly manage their busy schedules by automatically syncing TaskHuman coaching appointments with existing calendars.
  • Access coaches across more than 1,600 skills. Employees can unlock their fullest potential with coaching on a wide variety of personal and professional development, from leadership coaching to health and fitness.

“We envision a world where coaching is available to everyone, on any device, on any subject for which a person needs support,” said Seth Barron, VP of Platforms at TaskHuman. “We are tremendously excited about working with Microsoft Teams, and to expand access to TaskHuman to more users across more devices. This launch is a huge step forward toward achieving our vision of coaching for all.”

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