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December 19, 2022

New HR Tech: TaskHuman, Wedge

TaskHuman, the 1:1 digital coaching platform, today announced it now offers a mentorship platform to nurture meaningful professional relationships and drive career progression. By enabling organizations to mobilize talent and forge connections through on-demand video calls, TaskHuman creates a frictionless digital experience making it easy for both mentors and mentees to engage.

Mentorship through the TaskHuman platform connects people with as many mentors as they want with the tap of a finger. As they simply browse suggested mentors’ skills and focus areas, employees can choose the person best suited for their needs and enable any-time access through the platform for guidance when they need it most.


  • Mentees have instant access to internal mentors: high performers, leaders, and advisors within their own organization who use the TaskHuman platform to open up their accessibility to mentees in need
  • Mentors set their own hours of availability that work best for them, eliminating calendar chasing for all parties
  • The platform enables pre-matched connections, but also enables a marketplace approach, where mentees can choose one or more mentors that meet their needs around expertise and cultural fit.

WEDGE launches “self-service” interviewing. With Wedge Video Interviewing, restaurants can now use the same QR code technology behind contactless menus to make first-round job interviews entirely self-service.

The way it works for job seekers is easy, familiar, and fun. Self-service hiring starts with a candidate responding to a “Now Hiring” sign (or job ad) by scanning a QR code. However, instead of linking to a job description that invites the candidate to submit a résumé and schedule an interview, the QR code link immediately kicks off a self-service interview: from their phone, and with no app required, candidates are guided to record short video answers to interview questions, asked via pre-recorded videos, with text subtitles. These prompts give candidates a chance to see and hear their future manager. For a world acclimated to Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, Wedge’s video-based format generates more genuine responses.

For the owner/operators, the process is similarly easy, receiving a notification any time a Wedge is completed, which they can review at the end of the shift, the end of the day, or right away if they have a moment. Many Wedge customers report that the solution allows them to reply personally to candidates within 48 hours about next steps and reduce overall their “time-to-hire” by 50 percent or more—offering good news to employers as they close out another dynamic year for hiring.

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