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December 22, 2020

Meeting New People is Possible This Holiday Season

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Part of the appeal of holiday parties is meeting new people. But, because of gathering restrictions to stop the spread of Covid this holiday season, meeting new people is more difficult. But it doesn’t have to be impossible.

TaskHuman coaches understand the energy you can get from making new friends, and they’ve put together a list of ideas to help you widen your social circle this holiday season.

Use social media wisely

Yes, social media can be distracting and suck up a lot of your time without even realizing it. But used strategically, social media has a lot to offer. This holiday season, you can use it to find new people and make new friends.

You can use social media to find new groups that interest you. Use those groups to reach out to new people and make new connections.

Listen to Coach Marissa Podany explain:

Social media isn’t the only way to find new groups. Don’t forget to check out social apps that can help you find people to get to know. Focus on making connections, and you’ll be meeting new friends quickly.

Coach Bobbie Rasmussen explains:

It can be intimidating to join a new group. Overcoming your nervousness is an opportunity for growth. Something to remember, though, is the groups you’re interested in want new people to join them. You will bring energy and a fresh perspective that others will welcome.

Coach Clarissa Pyles explains:

If you’re not finding a virtual group that you want to join, create your own! If you want to center a conversation around a common interest, it’s likely many others would love the opportunity too. Start small and build up the attendance as you become more comfortable. It may take a while for the group to develop, so don’t give up.

Coach Tiffany Albury explains:

Create virtual meet ups for current groups

If you are finding it difficult to find social media groups that meet your interests and creating your own isn’t your thing, work to strengthen the relationships you already have.

If you’re missing social interactions, it is likely the friends you already have are too. Reaching out to them, establishing communication, and setting up meetings could go far when satisfying your social needs.

Listen to Coach Deb Provin-Martin explains:

You can use your current connections to make new friends too. By inviting new people to already established friend groups, you widen your circle and gently bring in new friends. It will be more likely that the new people feel more comfortable because they’ll know someone in the group.

Coach Melissa Turnage explains:

Deepening your relationships with your friends will feed your spirit. You will talk with someone outside your household, and you will give them someone to talk too. The mutual benefit will make it more likely that everyone will want to keep the conversation going.

Coach Cassie Cottrell explains:

Connect off of social media

It may seem old-school to actually call someone, but talking on the phone is still a great way to connect. The real-time conversation helps build intimacy and is a refreshing break from only using text messaging.

Coach Amy Rockett explains:

If you have friends in your area you haven’t seen in a while, now is your chance to reconnect with them. If you used to go out for drinks, consider meeting up for a safe walk instead. You can remain physically distant while having the social connection you crave.

Coach Kelly Richardson explains:

You don’t need to schedule time with a friend in order to have a conversation. You could strike up a conversation with someone you meet during your day. Just because you need to keep your distance doesn’t mean they will not want to talk. Masks may make it more difficult to read people’s expressions, though, so having a buddy, like a dog, can make it easier to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Listen to Coach Lisa Wilder-Cappoli explain:

If your community is under gathering restrictions, but not entirely shut down, look for local groups that are meeting safely. If you’ve been interested in starting a new hobby, this could be the perfect time to try one. Libraries or community centers are great places to check out to see what groups are meeting—whether virtually, outside or at a distance.

Coach Casey Kucsera explains:

If reaching out through social media or starting conversations with strangers seems like too much, you can still work to revive your spirit right now.

The important thing is to see where you can make connections. Technology-driven or in-person, it will take more work to meet people, but it can still be done. How you approach the challenge is a good indicator of how successful you will be.

Coach Jamie Carroll explains:

Focusing on your own growth and finding things that awaken your spirit are important. Practicing gratitude and intention are good ways to start, especially during the holidays.

Listen to Coach Andrea Caprio explain:

It’s also important to use the resources you already have. Within TaskHuman, there are tons of coaches who are waiting to talk with you about how to handle the holidays. Setting up new expectations and experiences will help you see the holidays this year as a unique opportunity.

Coach Bridgette Ochoa explains:

As we celebrate the holiday season with less ability to see friends and meet new people than usual, it is important to keep our perspective. We need to adapt our expectations and recognize that while our holidays may be different, we don’t have to see them as bad—only different (and temporary!).

If you’re ready to make a new connection, reach out to one of our coaches for a LIVE 1:1 video call today.


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