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May 21, 2021

Kelsey Seeks Focus and Rediscovers Passion for Running


During the middle of the pandemic, TaskHuman user Kelsey realized she was no longer functioning at her best. Once her company, Intelycare, started offering unlimited access to 1:1 video calls with TaskHuman coaches, she quickly realized how beneficial this new resource was. Kelsey found coaches who knew exactly what she needed and helped her regain her focus.

She got a bonus result too. Her work with coaches allowed her to rehabilitate an injury to the point where she could resume her favorite sport…running!

Here’s how it happened:

1. The Foundation is Strong

When Kelsey first started using TaskHuman, she was looking for something to help her focus. Her pandemic emotions and workload were taking a toll on her self-care, and she wanted it to change.

“I was really looking to bring a sense of consistency and balance to my routine,” she says.

Kelsey started working with coaches for guided meditation sessions, and her results were almost immediate.

“They were very calming and centering,” she says, “so I loved listening to those at the end of the day.”

2. It Improved her Feelings of Overwhelm

As the holidays approached this past year, Kelsey found herself feeling increasingly stressed at work. The idea of navigating Thanksgiving with restrictions and family concerns only increased her stress. She found herself feeling more and more overwhelmed.

“I was just really not feeling like myself, but also we were still in the middle of a global pandemic, so that doesn’t help,” she says.

At some point, Kelsey realized that she needed to do something about it.

“I remember just sitting there and I was like, ‘I really need to do something to bring myself back to my center,’” she says.

She found TaskHuman, and she made the first call. She did a guided meditation, and she hasn’t looked back since.

3. The Coaches Get It

Kelsey believes that the quality and experience of the TaskHuman coaches makes a huge difference. They understand what she needs and know how to best deliver their expertise.

“They’re very communicative and ask you any important questions or anything they might need to know before the call starts.”

The coaches being proactive means you spend more of your time in the session working toward your goal. It means you get more out of the session. It’s tailored to what you need.

But it also shows that they want to get to know you too. They see you as a whole person and want to honor that by creating safe spaces for you to work.

“I always feel as though I can really open up to them,” Kelsey says.

4. She’s Met her Goals

Kelsey’s immediate goal was to recenter herself and regain her ability to have clarity and focus. After using the TaskHuman app, she realized that she could set her sights on a bigger goal…running.

“I’m a runner, and I actually sustained an overuse injury in my knee,” Kelsey says.

Kelsey started using the app to rehabilitate her knee with the help of strength and conditioning coaches.

“After a little bit of rest, I was able to start running again, and I am so thankful,” she says. “It is my favorite, favorite thing to do, so I’m really, really glad that TaskHuman was able to help me get back into that.”

Working with knowledgeable coaches in a 1:1 live setting helped Kelsey heal. Now she can get back to doing what she loves.

5. Coach & Client Connection is Real

For Kelsey, finding coaches came naturally. She didn’t spend much time searching for a good match. But quick connections doesn’t mean the connections are less real.

Her meditation coach is Mia Tarduno, and they have built a strong and lasting relationship.

“She’s my meditation coach, and she’s amazing,” Kelsey says.

The grounding and centering Kelsey needed is more powerful because she and Mia understand each other. Kelsey also worked with another coach on her financial wellness.

“I did a financial wellness class with Coach Breeze, and she was so great,” she says. “She gave me a lot of really really good advice, and I would definitely, definitely recommend both of them.”

Knowing your coach wants you to be successful and reach your goals helps you embrace their teachings and see the results you want.

6. The App Really Works

When Kelsey struggled emotionally during the pandemic last year, finding TaskHuman and connecting with the coaches helped her regain her perspective and center. Her results were almost immediate.

“The relief and weight I felt really lifted off my shoulders after my first session,” she says.

Her first meditation session was helpful not only because she practiced grounding, but also because she was able to trust her coach.

“I was able to kind of voice some of my concerns and some of the things I was going through,” Kelsey says. “Mia was my mediation coach, and she just made me feel so comfortable and very safe. And afterwards, I just felt brand new.”

Kelsey’s experience highlights the effectiveness of 1:1 coaching.

7. Just Make the Call

Kelsey encourages everyone who is considering using TaskHuman but hasn’t made the first call yet to “just do it.”

She admits she felt a little awkward and intimidated at first, but she explains the benefit you will gain from the app outweighs any temporary nervousness you may feel.

“It is definitely worth it,” she says. “I have loved my experience on TaskHuman, and I would 100% recommend it.”

Listen to Kelsey’s full story here. And if you’re ready to work with a trusted coach and get a jump on your goals, schedule a live 1:1 video call today!

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