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July 30, 2020

How to Start (or Enhance) Your Yoga Practice


Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and its benefits are undeniable. As a practitioner, you strengthen your mind and your body, and you develop deep connections to your own spirit.

But with all its iterations, it can be confusing for a beginner to know how to safely begin a yoga practice.

By teaming up with a TaskHuman coach, beginner yogis can learn how to incorporate the practice into their routines and reap the most benefits from this age-old discipline.

To make diving in easier, it is helpful to decide if your main goal of starting a yoga practice is the mental benefits, the physical benefits, or a little bit of both.


Connecting to your own mental or spiritual power isn’t frivolous. While spiritual belief is personal, wherever you are on your journey can give you strong benefits. In fact, people with high spirituality report higher levels of compassion, gratitude, and even success.

Here are two ways yoga helps you with the spiritual side of your life.


Yoga gives you clarity. The day-to-day of life can produce a minefield of thoughts and emotions. It can be difficult to even know what you think and believe without being able to quiet the deluge of your thoughts.

The practice of yoga gives you the space to work through the noise and notice what you are really thinking and feeling.

Listen as Coach Joni Madere explains how quiet helps build awareness:

Having clarity of mind also helps move closer to your target. By seeing where you want to go, you can assess if you’re on the right path to get there.

Coach Lila Bergroth describes the process:

Knowing what you’re thinking and feeling gives you the ability to give direction to yourself and to your life. It drives you forward. It allows for growth.

But yoga can also give you more than clarity.


Yoga gives you focus.

When you develop your ability to focus, you heighten your determination to move toward your desired outcome. By practicing your focus, you build the ability to overcome setbacks and to continue working when distractions pop up.

When you know where you want to go, TaskHuman coaches can help you get there.

Listen as Coach Kristen Marias explains:

For some, focusing on life goals is easy. Until you don’t achieve them as quickly as you want.

That’s when the practice of yoga can help. The small deepening in poses mimics the small steps we take toward our goals. The falls out of a pose that we’ve done easily before reflect the startling setbacks we face.

When our goals seem far away, it’s important to remember why we want the goal in the first place. TaskHuman coaches are skilled in helping you focus on your why.

Listen as Coach Helen Cloots explains:

The spiritual and mental benefits of yoga are clear. But yoga isn’t just a mental exercise. It also offers physical benefits and is an effective form of exercise.


Yoga can help your posture, muscle tone, flexibility, and heart rate. And just as yoga can support your physical health in many ways, there are many ways to practice yoga.


TaskHuman coaches can help you sample yoga styles and methodologies. They have specialties in a variety of modalities. This expertise can build your understanding of the physical possibilities yoga provides in the style that works best for you.

Listen as Coach Mia Tarduno describes the process:

Just as TaskHuman coaches know how to teach the different tools of yoga, they also have different styles to help their clients. This diversity allows each client to find the coach that best fits their unique needs. Connecting with your coach is a critical part of your yoga-fitness equation.

Coach Anita Steele explains:

Having a coach that knows and understands you, and who has the necessary tools, is important to support progress toward your goals.


When we start an exercise practice, we have goals we want to achieve. It can be the number on the scale, the way we feel, or any number of other ideas. They are individual, personal, and vital.

And TaskHuman coaches are experts in helping clients reach their goals. Even when life gets in the way – and it always does. They have flexibility and well-developed methods of encouraging clients through difficult times.

A coach can support you through the unmotivated times and can meet you where you are.

Listen as Coach Lacey Pruett describes this:

Well-developed, focused goals help you develop the path you’ll take to get there. And it’s the path that can be more rewarding than the goal itself. It is your journey that pushes your development.

To get the most out of your experience, you need a coach who is as excited by your goals as you are, and who has a background to adapt to where you are in the process.

Coach Cheri Orndorf explains:

Yoga provides benefits that go beyond the physical – the practice of yoga itself is a journey of development. If you’re ready to begin your yoga journey, connect with a LIVE coach for a 1:1 video call today!


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