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April 29, 2020

How TaskHuman Became a Crucial Part of this Busy Executive’s Wellness Routine


Meet Sue, HR leader and avid runner

Meet Sue, an accomplished human resources leader, busy mom and wife, and avid long-distance runner. Over the years, she got stuck in a rut with the same routine and struggled to diversify her training. She knew that focusing more on her core, flexibility and other strength and conditioning methods would benefit not just her running, but her overall health. 

With this goal in mind, Sue was on the hunt for a personal trainer who could push her to her fullest potential and provide real-time feedback and modifications during her sessions. Not to mention, she needed a solution to accommodate her busy schedule—which left no room for endless internet-searching to find a trainer and long commute times to and from sessions.

Enter: TaskHuman

In July 2019, Sue downloaded the TaskHuman app after being intrigued by the ability to video call with hundreds of wellness professionals covering nearly a thousand topics. She wondered if this could finally be the time-saving wellness solution she was looking for. 

After some exploration, Sue stumbled upon Coach Clarissa Pyles, a Texas-based US military spouse and Pilates-trained conditioning coach. 

In just their first video call, Sue felt a strong connection to Clarissa. Her wellness expertise not only checked the boxes that Sue was looking for in a 1:1 LIVE trainer, but her flexible schedule also worked well with Sue’s early-morning workout routine. After their initial call, she sent Clarissa a message via the in-app chat feature to plan a follow-up session. And the rest is history—she found her match.

No longer did Sue have to stress over conflicting schedules, missed appointments, rush hour, or any other obstacle preventing her from meeting her health goals. Now, Sue had a trained, affordable professional right in her pocket—who she could connect with via video call no matter the time or place—even from her hotel room when traveling for work.  

Being able to use TaskHuman to train on her own time allowed Sue to: 

  • Establish a personal, 1:1, relationship with her coach
  • Receive constructive feedback and modifications in real-time
  • Build a consistent strength training routine to optimize her running performance
  • Save time and money on unpredictable commute times

With help from Coach Clarissa over regular TaskHuman video calls, Sue has exceeded her own expectations of feeling more flexible and strong. She now feels better than ever and ready to hit the running paths with ease and grace. No commute, memberships or long-term commitments necessary. 

All Sue had to do is purchase the amount of affordable minutes she wants to use on video calls with Clarissa, at the cadence she prefers. It’s that easy. 

Sue discusses her ongoing progress below: 

How different would your life be if you had 1:1 LIVE support always at your fingertips to help you focus on your strength, conditioning, flexibility, and other personal wellness goals?

TaskHuman pros, covering nearly a thousand wellness topics, are available now for 1:1 live video calls at the time and place that works best for you. In just a few seconds, you’ll be on your way to getting all the support you need. All on your phone. In just one app. Get started now!


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