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April 29, 2021

Get Faster Results with 1:1 Coaching

one on one coaching

Setting a goal-any goal-means you’re looking for results. You want to move the needle. Make progress. Change your life. Whatever kind of goal you set and however big it is, you will get faster results with 1:1 coaching on TaskHuman. And along the way, you will discover that essential “aha moment,” the moment when the lightbulb goes off and you get into a rhythm that leads you closer to your goal.

TaskHuman coaches are dedicated and insightful. They share their knowledge and expertise, so you can make gains. They can help drive your results, because when you work 1:1 with a LIVE TaskHuman coach, you get better focus, better listening, and better alignment.

1. Better Focus

Embarking on a new wellness journey takes courage. Having a coach there to guide you can give you the start you need to get over the first few hurdles. This comes from them being able to focus only on you. You get their undivided attention.

Listen as Coach Nevena Pavlovic explains:

Knowing someone is there to lead you helps you get started. But a 1 :1 coach also gives you the support you need to show up every single time. You make an appointment with just them. They are expecting you. That’s a high-level of accountability.

Coach Dacia Stuhr explains:

Your coach wants you to do more than just check a box. Their dedication to your long-term success means they are focused on you to determine exactly what you need and when you need to make changes.

Coach Zachary Cooper explains:

Focusing on you also keeps coach at their best. When they respond to what you need, they develop a strong “toolbox” that they can use. But they also need to be able to develop practices, strategies, and techniques that serve you where you are each day. It’s not a class with a curriculum. It’s individualized instruction with an expert.

Listen to Coach Melissa Turnage explain:

A 1:1 coach has the ability to focus intently on you to push you through your roadblocks, but they also have the ability to listen to you with the same level of focus.

2. Better Listening

Coaches need to ask questions, to get to know you, to understand what you want and need. When you work 1:1 with a coach, they are better able to fully communicate with you. Words and meanings aren’t lost, which can inevitably lead to quicker progress.

Listen as Coach Jessica Hall explains:

Your responses to 1:1 coaching also play a part in getting faster results. Group settings can make it difficult for some people to be heard. This setting eliminates this problem. Your coach can hold space for your emotions and questions.

Coach Maya Carl explains:

Knowing you are safe and free to ask questions often opens to deeper communication. You recognize the coach’s respect for you and their depth of knowledge about their particular area of wellness. Working with them increases your understanding and gives you faster results.

Listen to Coach Erin Darling explain:

TaskHuman coaches know how to listen and ask questions that will bring you to new levels of understanding about yourself. Working with someone to reach those levels of understanding takes particular knowledge and understanding when you work in a 1:1 setting.

Coach Rachel Greene explains:

The more you work with your coach 1:1, the more they understand who you are. You and your coach become aligned in your goals and energy.

3. Better Alignment

Being aligned with consumers is often what appeals to TaskHuman coaches. They prefer working with consumers 1:1 because of that shared energy. They love seeing consumers get faster results with 1:1 coaching. It’s like harnessing two horses together. Sure, they can pull the wagon together without it, but once they are linked, the pulling takes less effort.

Listen to Coach Lisa Wilder-Cappoli explain:

It also builds alignment and gets faster results because both you and your coach’s energy is focused on getting the result you want. The energy becomes explosive.

Coach Ashley Pena explains:

If you have a wellness goal, you can get faster results with 1:1 coaching. Think about it for a moment. How much closer to your goal will you be in a month or year because you’ve invested in 1:1 coaching?

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