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October 22, 2020

Former Ironman Athlete Swears by TaskHuman Coaches

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Flexibility – the ability to meet people where they are and adapt to their needs – is a key component of the TaskHuman app.

Flexibility is also what brought, and keeps, TaskHuman user Todd Ehrlich—to the app.

Todd’s consulting firm, BTS, recently partnered with TaskHuman to make the app available to all its employees—which became especially helpful when everyone was working from home due to Covid-19. And within days of his company’s launch, Todd realized just how valuable the app would be to him.

It’s the comprehensiveness of wellness topics and coaches, and the flexibility of scheduling, that keeps Todd hooked on TaskHuman—so much so that he’s now using the app daily.

Comprehensive Coaching Knowledge

As a former Ironman athlete, Todd was no stranger to training and goal setting. But after his last race, he found himself falling away from his routine. He wanted professional, 1:1 support to help him stick to his wellness goals and feel his best.

He explains here:

When Todd learned about TaskHuman, he didn’t wait long to try it. Todd discovered how easy it was to find a coach in the wellness area he wanted to focus on. He knew that he wanted to work on muscular tightness and flexibility initially, but was instantly impressed by how many other topics the coaches covered that were relevant to his goals—such as weight management, clean eating and more.

“My second call was right after I got back from a run and was feeling very tight, so I thought I’d just see if I could find somebody to help me with stretching. And that worked out incredibly.” Todd says.

He outlines his experience here:

Even though he had high standards from working with in-person wellness professionals at other points in his life, Todd was attracted to the idea of working with wellness coaches virtually from the comfort of his home, right through the TaskHuman app. It didn’t take Todd long to experience the many benefits of using 1:1 video calls with LIVE TaskHuman coaches to focus on his wellness goals, and to recognize that his days of relying solely on in-person appointments were over. The coaches he has worked with have proven that you can indeed have a high return on virtual wellness sessions, when they’re offered as 1:1 video calls with LIVE coaches, and that you most certainly can get a good sweat in during a TaskHuman workout.

“But what’s been really impressive was the actual training sessions,” he says.

Todd explains here:

With the vast amount of coaching styles and areas of expertise TaskHuman specialists have, there is always a coach who will know how to help you best. The coaches are driven to make sure you achieve your wellness goals. And they’re not afraid to push you when you need it.

“I’ve got to give a shout-out to Clarissa Pyles,” he says. “She’s given me one of the hardest 30-minute workouts I’ve had in my life. I think my legs were quivering for a good day or two after that workout.”

Listen as Todd explains:

After his initial training sessions, Todd knew the workouts were tough, and he appreciated that. But before he committed long-term, he wanted to know he would make real progress toward his goals. He wanted proof on his time-investment.

And that’s just what he found. Todd began to feel better and see results within weeks of starting to work with his coaches, including having more energy and improving his flexibility. Another big improvement that he experienced was having better posture. And he wasn’t the only one who noticed—his wife even commented on his noticeable posture improvement.

He outlines his success here:

Having access to coaches who can help you meet every one of your wellness goals is one way TaskHuman sets itself apart. But Todd appreciates TaskHuman coaches’ commitment to being there when users need them, too.

Broad Coach Availability

TaskHuman coaches work to meet the scheduling needs of clients. From short, last-minute breath work sessions to full-scale HIIT workouts, the coaches know that client time isn’t always plentiful. They know how to use each minute.

“Just today I had a 20-minute break between meetings, so I actually did some stretching and foam rolling with one of the coaches,” he says.

Todd explains:

Knowing you have world-class coaches at your fingertips is powerful. But it doesn’t help if they aren’t available when you need them. That’s why you’re able to instantly hop on 1:1 video calls with LIVE coaches who are online, or schedule future appointments that work best with your schedule.

And on the off chance that you’re not seeing a relevant coach online for the topic or time that you’re interested in, the TaskHuman Concierge service is ready to help you find your match—which Todd is a big fan of. Listen as he explains:

Even knowing that there is a supportive team waiting to help you, it can still make people nervous to make their first call. For Todd, getting over that nervousness was worth it. The coaches are non-judgmental and ready to meet you where you are. They know how to ask questions and help you articulate your needs.

“I just say go for it, give it a try! They’re not judgemental, they’re not here to beat you up, they’re here to help you be successful. They want to help you achieve your goals.”

He describes it here:

With TaskHuman as your wellness partner, you have access to an unlimited number of expert professionals in all areas of wellness. Finding the coach who is perfect for you is only a matter of time.

“Everyone I’ve worked with has been absolutely great,” Todd says.

To listen to Todd’s full story, click here.

Wellness means different things to different people. And wellness journeys begin in different places. No matter your definition of wellness, or where you are on your journey, TaskHuman has the coaches you need to make progress toward your goals.

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