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January 23, 2020

Discover Your Personal Wellness Path with Coach Diane Soulakis

Diane Soulakis

Through her personal life transition, Diane Soulakis learned about her desire and gift to help others live their best life.

She’s adept at working with people from all walks of life and truly loves being a coach. Through active listening and motivational interviewing, she’s got a knack for getting to the root of her client’s dreams and helping them not only acknowledge them, but accomplish them too.

Diane is on a mission to help you ignite your true passions so you can find your superpowers and live your life to the fullest. Her health and wellness reawakening put her on the path she’s on today.

And now she’s on TaskHuman to help you find your own path.

Whether you need help shifting your mindset, developing healthy habits, exploring a weight loss journey, or navigating a life transition, she might just be the coach for you. 

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