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February 17, 2021

Coach Turns Health Struggles Into Healing For Others

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In the latest episode of the podcast TaskHuman Talks, host and coach, Jamie Carroll, sat down with TaskHuman Coach Monica McCollin, to discuss Monica’s path to wellness. Monica specializes in clean eating, developing healthy habits, herbal supplementation, and more on the TaskHuman app.

Her takeaways from the episode are:

  • We can’t hide our emotions from our bodies
  • We should empower our wellness
  • We should work to be authentic in every way

Monica goes deep into her journey of herbalism and doesn’t shy away from intimacy and honesty. Here are the highlights from the interview:

1. Undiagnosed disease changed her life

In a short amount of time, Monica went from having a small “quarter-sized” rash on her leg to having the rash spread over almost all of her entire body. And while her vanity wanted her to be able to wear anything without considering her skin, her desire to be healthy pushed her to go from doctor to doctor.

No one could explain what was happening – or why.

The different medical treatments, harsh drugs, and sometimes opposing opinions pushed Monica to do her research and learn as much as she could about her health and skin.

“I became passionate about making people know that there were different options,” she says.

2. Create a story big enough to live in

At one juncture, Monica was speaking with a dermatologist who also suffered from a skin disorder. During the conversation, Monica asked if the skin could heal itself. Her doctor said it could.

“I just ran with it,” Monica says.

That idea, that the body can heal itself, wholly changed her position on her own body. She shifted from trying to find a doctor or medicine that could remove the rash to finding treatments that helped her body do its job of healing itself.

To help, she began visualizing again wearing the cute, strappy sandals she loved—just enough skin healing to expose her feet.

The progress led her to other work that continued her healing process: spiritual growth, nutrition, and herbs.

“I’ve been called to do something,” she says.

Her new perspective allowed her to see her body differently. She realized she had been trapping herself in the wrong story.

“You need to create a story big enough to live in,” she says. “It was a really big turning point for me to sit in and try to think about what was going on. If symptoms are my teachers, then what is this teaching me? And what is happening to my body?”

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3. New solutions manifest in small moments

The real change for Monica came from reading a chance article in a magazine. It was written by someone who had a skin condition that developed in times of stress.

It was a lightbulb moment for Monica.

Before the rash developed, Monica’s mother was diagnosed with lymphoma.

“I didn’t realize I was holding on to a lot of stress, fear, and terror,” Monica says.

Her unmanaged emotions, the ones she was hiding from, manifested themselves on her body.

Monica began to actively find ways to reduce her medications, manage her stress, and help her body with more natural remedies.

4. Herbs are “the People’s Medicine

In her herbalist practice, Monica can customize formulas of herbs to personalize treatment for everyone.

This is a big difference from someone who recommends supplements or teas. She has the expertise to know the combinations that will deliver the most effective solution, and the ability to change direction when needed.

“I deal with a range of health issues,” Monica says, “I do not treat disease.”

She sees the body systems and how they interact. She follows the symptoms from one area to see if they could be started somewhere else. And she makes sure she’s matching the treatment to the person.

“It works holistically,” she says. “It’s not magic.”

One of the most important ideas she teaches is for people to learn how they’re feeling. Often modern medications, and our tendencies, make it difficult for people to tune into what their bodies are telling them.

“We need to cultivate the language of physical and emotional experiences,” Monica says.

5. Teaching is “planting seeds”

For her clients, Monica works with them to help them feel empowered in their healing. She wants them to believe they have a choice about whatever plan they use. Without choice, you’re left with rules.

“No one likes being told what to do,” Monica says. “Everyone meets it with resistance.”

Instead, Monica wants to inspire people to make the best choices for themselves. “I don’t preach,” she says.

6. Authenticity is always a good idea

Monica uses a system she’s dubbed “the Momo Method.” The key to the system – Monica.

“It’s me,” she says. “It’s the way I work with people.

Momo is her nickname. When she worked in more corporate, business-environments, Monica resisted the name because it felt too loose for the structured environment. But as an herbalist, she’s leaned into the name and feels it fits.

She pushes to show up “100% authentically” for her clients. And she believes that others doing the same will only benefit from it.

Working with her is “authentic and intimate.” She wants to get into the real person and figure out what’s happening there.

7. A lifestyle hack for vibrant living

The one thing Monica thinks we should do to make sure we’re living a full life?

“Try to do something every day to honor yourself and your ancestors,” she says.

The idea is that by doing so, you make sure you are being your true self and are working to cultivate self-awareness.

To hear Monica’s full podcast episode, click here

If you’re ready to meet with Monica to see how she can help you self-heal, schedule a 1:1 LIVE video call today.


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