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July 8, 2022

The Way to Recharge Teams Might Surprise You

Recharge teams to help get rid of stress with TaskHuman

Work looks a lot different than it did before the pandemic. Many long-established companies have incorporated remote work and workplace flexibility that they never offered before. Many workers enjoy freedoms they never expected, and organizations accommodate needs especially well to retain their employees. With all the heavy lifting that organizations have done to meet employees where they are, the consensus is that everyone (leaders included) still struggles to recharge teams. There’s a constant feeling of drain plaguing the workforce that remote work and flex time hasn’t solved.

Drained people spell bad news for organizations already faced with recessionary challenges. When teams can’t recharge, mistakes happen that cost productivity when it especially matters. Leaders know the risks, but many are scratching their heads to find a solution because they’ve removed as many barriers as possible with few long-term results.

The Real Problem Behind Fatigue

If this describes your team, the solution may surprise you. By the process of elimination, organizations have figured out that less may not facilitate more. It’s taken a couple of years to arrive at this conclusion. Now that we have, the alternative to recharging the workforce, specifically your team, could be looking for things you can ADD to your employees’ work experience. We’re not suggesting that managers start heaping on more role responsibilities. We suggest that managers begin offering their employees opportunities to engage in highly stimulating and invigorating tasks.

1. Rearrange Role Assignments

McKinsey’s recent study finds that 85% of executives and upper management say they’re living their purpose at work, but only 15% of frontline managers and frontline employees agree. Instead of thinking about what to take away from team members, leaders can find out what they could add to the person’s plate to give them energy and close the gap. Managers can ask employees which tasks and responsibilities would help them feel engaged and give them those assignments. Professional development coaches are available through TaskHuman’s coaching platform to help managers and their direct reports through the process of identifying and restructuring role assignments to replenish the team. Change can be scary, but it results in more productivity when it’s done thoughtfully and led with expertise.

2. Get The Team Together

Managers can also inject employee energy by getting team members to engage with one another in truly meaningful interaction. Remote work has helped people manage their home life, but it’s robbed them of the energy that comes when they get to rub elbows with their colleagues and peers. In a struggling economy, managers sometimes throw social engagement out the window to avoid wasting resources and losing ground. But that can cost teams much more because nothing happens fast when teams have low morale. Managers can look for ways to facilitate invigorating dialogue, work-related and not. TaskHuman offers support in the team synergy effort with group sessions that teams can join. They include a variety of niche areas like cooking, art, music, and fun health activities. Coaches can also lead work-related team discussions that produce insightful results while connecting and energizing the team.

3. Help Employees Re-Invent “Rest”

Employees may not realize what’s actually behind the cause of their depleted energy. They may need to rethink what happens on weekends and off-hours and explore new ways to recharge. This is where a personalized coaching relationship can make a big difference. TaskHuman offers a platform for employees to access a personal coach on their own schedule who can help them make impactful changes to their rest routines. Rest might mean reducing the amount of binge-watching and saying goodbye to the high emotion, high anxiety, and adventure stories that take people out of their sphere of influence into thoughts and worries that are outside of their control. TaskHuman offers a variety of experts that live to coach individuals through rewarding and fulfilling activities that might require a little (or a lot) of effort but ultimately provide more energy than they take.

Take Action

What could your team change that might require energy but result in true restoration? TaskHuman is making a difference in organizations that need a solution to chronic fatigue. Request a demo to find out what TaskHuman’s coaching platform can do for your team.

To learn more Book a Demo to see how TaskHuman can support your global team needs.

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