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April 8, 2022

TaskHuman Helps Companies Champion Women Workers

TaskHuman Helps Companies Champion Women Workers

Women are an essential part of the U.S. workforce, which in 2021 had over 71 million women workers. There are about as many women as there are men working to serve Americans and our way of life. Imagine if they suddenly disappeared.

That’s why companies need to take note: it’s especially hard for women at work right now. The professional challenges women face in today’s job climate are a culmination of well-known historical barriers and new post-pandemic stresses. The wage gap between male and female workers persists in 2022, with women earning 84% of what men earn. Adding to that, Moody’s report published on International Women’s day found that the COVID-19 pandemic has especially affected women as economic lockdowns disrupted schooling, child care, and female-dominated industries like education and healthcare. Other labor force data confirms that women are more burnt out than men. From the look of things, women have a lot of chips stacked against them.

The good news is that a potent mix of circumstances could  offer women a chance to make measurable strides toward equity and inclusion. The nationwide job shortage offers a unique opportunity for women to fill roles that have eluded them for decades. And the shift to remote work opens up more career options for women who are also the primary household managers. Some women are very hopeful about the future of their careers. But while lots of companies say they support the women they employ, they aren’t actively doing much to pursue women workers and guide them up the career path. McKinsey’s 2021 Women in the Workplace reports that to date, women still receive far less support at every level, and far fewer women receive promotions to management roles.

TaskHuman can help companies make meaningful progress toward full equity and inclusion at a time when women workers are needed the most. Here are three ways organizations use TaskHuman’s coaching platform to bring change.

Address Burnout

Women are notorious for putting themselves last, so it’s not surprising that women are struggling more with burnout than men. Over the last few strenuous years, women have been pulled in many directions. Working women have been expected to serve as a caretaker, teacher, tutor, and head of operations in their homes, all while holding down a full-time job. At work, they’ve been handling additional task loads due to short staffing and changing demands. Many women feel that not much attention is given to their career path, so it can feel as if all their effort is for nothing. Who wouldn’t burn out under these circumstances?

Enter TaskHuman. TaskHuman’s coaching platform can change the ending to the burnout story for many women who’re nearing the end of their rope. By utilizing TaskHuman, companies can immediately give the women on their teams a pathway toward regeneration and hope. TaskHuman’s expert coaches can work with them in a 1:1 setting to offer support, develop strategies to stay mentally energized, and deliver professional development to help women level up. The sessions can be done at any time that fits into a woman’s busy schedule. Remote access makes it possible to meet virtually with a specialist wherever is comfortable: at home, in the car, in the park, or in a private conference room at work. Women near the burnout stage can also explore physical well-being interests like yoga, meditation, jogging, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and more. A personal coach can guide them as they incorporate the activities that resonate with them.

Besides adding healthy lifestyle practices to help them manage stress, women can get to the bottom of the stress and resolve the underlying issue, not just treat the symptoms. Business and career coaches can act as a sounding board to reveal areas where women need to speak up or make a change. TaskHuman’s coaches enable women to reach their full potential and avoid burnout-driven resignation. Simply by providing TaskHumanorganization-wide, women receive the 1:1attention they need, even if they don’t realize they need it. What a difference individualized support can make for a woman overloaded with stress.

Culture Champion Womens’ Career paths

McKinsey’s 2021 data reports that for every 100 men promoted to manager, only 86 women are promoted. As a result, a lot more men make up the managerial space. There’s never been a better time to focus on closing that gap. Organizations are struggling to fill roles at every level, and women offer a talent pool rich with experience and determination. The problem comes when women aren’t as ready as men to compete for a promotion when one becomes available.

Women don’t receive the level of 1:1 attention that men do when it comes to coaching them for leadership. Women are less likely to be mentored, and their merits are often overlooked. It could be easy to blame men for this, but a closer look reveals that men feel like they’re in a lose-lose situation regarding women’s mentorship. The notoriety earned by men who’ve abused their power in the past has cast a dark shadow over men leaders who would otherwise take more responsibility for developing more women in management roles. While men engage in social events like golfing and dinners out to nurture beneficial superior/subordinate relationships, the opportunities to engage women are less available due to perceptions surrounding spending too much time alone with women.

TaskHuman’s coaching platform helps men in leadership roles extend career development support to women eager to grow, despite the problematic social constraint. TaskHuman’s coaching platform includes career and business coaches that specialize in the unique issues women face when moving into leadership positions. Women can select coaches to address specific areas where they need improvement and gain a sober self-assessment based on objective criteria. TaskHuman also offers a way for men (and women) leaders in their organization to meet virtually with subordinates for ongoing mentorship and coaching sessions. Leaders can begin to take aggressive action to pursue women for leadership development in the same way they do male employees, with TaskHuman’s platform to provide an effective environment.

TaskHuman’s coaching platform provides an answer to the social problem that no one in the organization wants to discuss. Deploying TaskHuman can help companies achieve a workplace culture of equity where just as many women managers exist as men and where all women are esteemed for their contributions in the same way that men are esteemed.

In Summary

There is a need like never before to carve a new path in the way that women are affirmed and utilized in the workplace. Companies can use TaskHuman’s coaching platform to extend support to the valued women on their teams so their highest level of contribution can be reached without sacrificing their health and their family’s well-being. Start today.

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