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April 25, 2022 9 Min Read

TaskHuman Leadership Coaches: The Scientist and The Environmentalist

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Curious about how growing as a leader in your business will help you reach your goals faster? Wondering if better communication with your colleagues will help you limit interpersonal tension, enhance teamwork, and help you advance? Well, you’re right, it will.

And you’re in luck! TaskHuman now offers leadership coaching for employees at all levels. The coaches’ experience will power your career forward, help you find your voice, and build a network—all for the benefit of your development.

No matter what industry you’re in, our advisors can help you improve your leadership skills and help you and your team grow and flourish. For every type of leader, there is a coach with a personality and skill set to match. Here are two coaches with individual styles that could be your coach match: The Scientist and The Environmentalist!

  • The Scientist sees how the individual people in your team work together to make the whole. She/He can help you learn the strengths of the people you work with–and how to use those strengths to find the best solutions to reach your goals.
  • The Environmentalist sees your relationship with people and the overall culture in your team to be the driving force behind your success–or failure. She/He can help you see where you’re creating situations that aren’t in anyone’s best interest and help you find solutions that work.

The Scientist

When Coach Jatin Adlakha helps businesses, he wants them to see risks as experiments. When you feel empowered to make mistakes, you are also empowered to create big successes. 

It’s that experiment mindset that helps people grow.

A strong leader with that mindset is somebody who empowers. “Empowers to make mistakes,” he says. “Empowers people in realizing their own strengths. Empowers to take chances – to explore the unexplored.”

Jatin also feels it is important to consider the organizational culture when determining what management and leadership styles will work best for you. The organizational style should determine the leadership style. 

“It defines and outlines what works here, what doesn’t. What values we adhere to,” he says.

To be a strong leader, you need to find a balance, Jatin says. 

The challenge is in “wanting to be loved and respected while being upfront about getting things done – maintaining that balance,” he says.

The Environmentalist

For Coach Taiwo Olajide, it is the business environment that creates your results. When the environment is positive and supportive, you and your teammates are able to be themselves.

“Everyone brings what they have to the table: a “no blame culture,” is what a safe environment creates, he says.

He believes that the environment is so important that even great leaders will struggle to guide employees in a positive direction if the environment is not healthy.

“If the organization has a toxic culture…that will tend to be the type of leadership style you will be able to demonstrate in the organization,” he says.

To add to the challenge of creating a safe environment for all employees, Taiwo believes the current volatility of the marketplace, including the Great Recession, is making leaders’ jobs more difficult.

“Leaders are battling with the complexity and ambiguity of the workplace,” he says.

But working with a coach can help you and leaders within your company recognize and strengthen management skills. You can become the empathetic and insightful leaders your organization needs to thrive.


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