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December 28, 2021 7 Min Read

Embrace These Practices to Become Who You Want to Be

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personal growth

As we grow older, our identities change because we incorporate new things into our lives and let others go. Often, as humans, we like to label what we bring in (and let out) of our lives and see it as more external, like a fitness program, a job, or even a relationship status. Sometimes, though, the most significant changes stem from something more internal, like new ways of thinking or feeling. For our TaskHuman coaches, the biggest positive changes start with a mindset shift. Four coaches share how they’ve worked on their mental fitness to gain new perspective, and what mindset practices helped shape them into who they are today.  

Grace & Peace

One way to help you become who you want to be is focusing on finding grace and peace in your life. For Coach Yolanda Davis, a spirituality coach on TaskHuman, growing older and becoming more experienced in life has given her the ability to step outside of herself. This process has given her time to reflect on the past and find new perspectives in order to make changes to her identity. Yolanda shares that she used to be very anxious and exert anxious energy. When she realized others picked up on that energy, she actively decided not to give it more power in her life. Instead, she chose to spread grace and peace. Her change in attitude has changed her outlook on life in its entirety. She shares her story:


Bringing gratitude into your life is another way you can develop a positive identity. When Coach Amy Glogg realized she wanted to experience more joy in her life, she knew she had to first focus on finding gratitude. Amy had already transformed her life in many ways, but she still found herself suffering from comparison to other people. To counteract the comparison trap, she determinedly brought gratitude into her life and found her joy. Listen as she explains her gratitude practice:


Surrendering to what you cannot control may help you be more in “the flow” of your life. As human beings, it’s in our nature to dislike the unknown, which is why we tend to try and control everything we can. While we may think having full control over our environments, etc, will help us get what we want, that may not always be the case. Coach Naz Rosa believes the opposite is true—surrendering to your life can be extremely important, as both a mindset and an action. It’s allowing yourself to work toward something, and then letting go to see what happens next that can add value to your life—and improve who you are as a person. She provides her thoughts here:

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Unlearning Practices

As you work to become a better version of yourself, it’s important to consider what things you should remove from your life too (it’s not just about adding new things or practices!). Coach Rishabh Singh believes some of our thought patterns and practices are ingrained in our lives early on. We learned them in childhood and don’t think to question whether they are still serving us positively or not. For Rishabh, to become the best version of ourselves, we need to unlearn old habits or past patterns. He explains in more detail below:

These are just a few ideas and practices for you to begin your journey in expanding your identity and growing into a new, better version of yourself. Not sure where to begin? TaskHuman Coaches can help you determine where you’re at, how you’d like to change & grow and help identify what next steps or practices may work best for you. All you have to do is reach out to a TaskHuman coach for a 1:1 session!


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