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May 25, 2021

Ross Finds Focus and Flexibility Through TaskHuman

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Working from home means you’re surrounded by distractions. Being able to stay focused and resist those distractions will help you become more productive. But sometimes we need help discovering the tools that can give us that focus and flexibility.

Many companies, like Snyk, are including wellness apps like TaskHuman in their benefits packages to help their employees prioritize their well-being. For TaskHuman user and Snyk employee Ross, the app not only helps him keep his focus and flexibility on the important things in his life, it also helps him prioritize his athletic recovery. The result? He’s more productive and more flexible in all areas of his life.

Learn how TaskHuman became an important part of Ross’ day.

1. It Helps Build in Time Outs

We know self-care should be a priority, but making time for ourselves can seem self-indulgent (It’s not, though. It really, really is not!).

The TaskHuman app enables a flexible schedule, so you can make your appointments for when it best fits your day. It brings wellness to you and makes it easy to incorporate it into your every day.

Ross explains that the app helps him take time out in his day. It gives him the ability to focus on himself.

“I love TaskHuman,” he says. “My goals were around improving my general wellbeing.”

2. His Initial Interactions with TaskHuman Coaches Inspired Him

As the pandemic stretched on, Ross’ workplace invited TaskHuman coaches to host weekly virtual meditation and yoga group sessions for their employees. His employer recognized the need to provide employees with wellness tools they can use at home or anywhere.

Ross began attending those sessions. He quickly realized that his attendance at those weekly sessions was so regular and worthwhile, it would benefit him to begin using the app on his own. And he hasn’t looked back since…

“Honestly, I can say it’s been awesome,” he says.

While he wasn’t particularly nervous about meeting with coaches 1:1, he admits that having his first interactions with coaches through the weekly virtual group sessions was helpful.

“That was the catalyst for me,” he says. “Having that oar in the water and seeing some of the benefits you can get.”

3. 1:1 Coaching Is Great!

From the beginning of using the TaskHuman app, Ross had no reservations about 1:1 coaching. He loves the personalized support and getting to know his coaches.

“I think a lot of people I speak to think, ‘Oh, is it not a bit weird?’” he says about 1:1 coaching. “It’s actually not at all. You get to know a person.”

Ross speaks with his coaches on an almost daily basis. He thinks that the “stigma” of working with a coach in a personalized setting is worth pushing through because that personalization means you have the session you need when you need it.

“I would highly recommend people take that leap, even in normal times,” he says. “It’s so great. I’m able to do it when it suits me. Where it suits me. It’s highly valuable.”

4. He’s Reaching His Goals

Ross’ goals were to increase his flexibility and his focus.

Because he still plays sports competitively, he noticed he was becoming less flexible as he got older. Now, he’s noticing the opposite.

“Making sure I have dedicated time to stretching and taking care of myself has been really helpful, particularly for recovery,” he says.

He’s also noticed his ability to focus improved. His yoga and meditation practice has helped him center himself.

He’s noticed increased focus in all areas, “even in my personal life,” he says. “I think it’s just the types of things I’ve been doing.”

Ross can now notice when he’s getting off track, and he’s able to refocus during more hectic parts of his day.

For him, it’s about, “making sure I’m focused on the most important things at work and also in my personal life,” he says. “Making sure I’m taking the time out to think about the things that are really important.”

He credits his coaches and the app with helping him reach his goals.

5. His Coaches Know Him

Ross believes his coach Smruti Budhbaware has been instrumental in helping him gain flexibility.

“She’s the most awesome yoga coach I’ve ever had,” he says. “Every session I do with her, I feel the stretches. I feel the benefit coupled with some mental well-being as well.”

The in-depth knowledge of yoga his coach has is what helped him improve his flexibility.

He also thinks his meditation coach Bridgette Ochoa is top-notch.

“She’s got amazing experience traveling the world,” he says.

What sets his two coaches apart is their ability and willingness to teach him the WHY behind what they’re doing.

“Smruti and Bridgette taught me a lot about what goes into these practices, which has been super-awesome, as well,” he says. “As well as the physical effort of going through it.”

Ross also credits coach Monica McCollin with getting him started with the app. Her encouragement helped him find the coaches who best fit his needs.

6. Regular Use of the App Pays Off

When Ross was explaining how often he uses the TaskHuman app, he was very succinct.

“I literally use the app every single day of my life,” he said.

You can’t get more regular than that! And his dedication has paid off.

It’s the flexibility of the app that makes it so valuable to Ross. You can find coaches for every area of wellness, and you can schedule appointments around your busy schedule.

“I think that’s what it helps you do more than anything else,” Ross explains, “is help you remember that it [wellbeing] is a priority.”

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7. Make the Call

Ross understands that making the initial call may be daunting for some people, but he encourages you to go for it.

“Take a leap of faith,” he says. “Just do it. It’s not as weird as you think it is. It’s always worse in your mind.”

The initial call will make it clear that the coaches are there to help you meet your goals. They come with non-judgment and understand how to meet you where you are.

“I can’t speak highly enough [about TaskHuman],” Ross says.

You can also listen to Ross talk about his full experience with the app here.

If you’re looking for wellness coaches for every area of your life, and you need a flexible schedule so you can practice whenever and wherever you are, look no further. TaskHuman coaches are knowledgeable and experienced. They know how to get the most out of you, so you can crush your goals. Schedule a 1:1 LIVE video call today.

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