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November 4, 2020

TaskHuman User Helps University Prioritize Wellness

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Everyone’s wellness journey is personal. But when you find something that supports your own growth, you want to share it.

Brooke Parks, a Purdue University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) faculty member, feels this way about TaskHuman.

Brooke started as, and still is, a personal TaskHuman app user. But she quickly recognized the benefits, including the range of topics covered and flexibility of the app, that it could provide to Purdue University ECE students.

Brooke’s reason for wanting her students to have access to TaskHuman is simple: the tools TaskHuman provides will benefit her students as they move through school and life.

“Getting this [app] into the hands of people is really important,” she says.

Here are Brooke’s 3 reasons TaskHuman is an invaluable resource for students and faculty:

1. The app is user-friendly.

As an initial user, Brooke fell in love with TaskHuman’s ability to be comprehensive and easy-to-use.

Listen as she explains:

It was that usability that sparked her belief that TaskHuman could help her students. The more she used the app, the stronger this belief grew. Brooke knew that if her students learned how to promote their own wellness at this stage in their lives, it would be easier for them to prioritize important life skills—such as stress management, time management, relationships, and more—in the future.

She describes this idea here:

However the benefits go beyond helping students start their wellness journeys. TaskHuman allows them to progress on those journeys no matter where life takes them.

For Brooke, the portability was a huge selling point for TaskHuman. She didn’t want something that would be difficult for students to continue. TaskHuman offers a strong solution right from your mobile device.

She explains it here:

It’s important for students to have access to effective tools, but those tools need to be easy for faculty to implement.

2. The app is administration-friendly.

For Brooke to implement department-wide access to wellness support for students and faculty, she needed something that was simple. TaskHuman filled that need.

Listen as she explains:

Implementation of TaskHuman as a full-scale tool was easy, and so is the ongoing support from the TaskHuman team. Brooke credits the “hands-on” and responsive partnership she developed with TaskHuman.

She outlines her experience here:

The easy-to-use tools and seamless implementation experience are positive reasons to try TaskHuman, but the lasting results are the reason Brooke wants people to keep using it.

3. The app delivers results.

Students and faculty at Purdue University are high-achieving. Their personal and professional standards mean they are often in high-pressure, stressful situations. TaskHuman gives them the support they need to make their health a priority, especially during those seasons of high stress, including the unprecedented time of Covid-19 that students and faculty are navigating.

Brooke explains why this is important:

If you’re hesitant about making the first call, Brooke’s advice is to “just make the call.” It’s ok to be nervous, but the benefits of working with TaskHuman coaches are plentiful.

Brooke reminds us, “That first call, just see it as practice. See it as a way to get your feet wet and to check out everything TaskHuman has to offer.”

Listen as she takes it further:

To hear Brooke’s full story, click here

TaskHuman can help students or colleagues find long-term wellness solutions. If you’re interested in partnering with TaskHuman to bring health and wellness options to your school or workplace, click here.

If you are ready to dive into your own personal wellness journey, connect with a coach for a 1:1 LIVE video chat today.


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