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September 14, 2022 5 Min Read

How Nithya Built A Daily Wellness Practice On TaskHuman

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Do you have a healthy habit that you hold yourself accountable to? Maybe it’s that green smoothie in the morning. It could be hitting a step goal every single day. Or it might mean showing up to a standing coaching appointment. 

Whatever it is, your wellness routine may be such a permanent fixture in your life that you can’t even remember what you did before it was established. But as you’ll probably recall, building that habit took plenty of persistence and a whole lot of commitment, right? 

For Nithya, that wellness ritual is two-fold: daily yoga practice and regular mental wellness coaching. Now a devoted TaskHuman user, she has coaching sessions scheduled nearly every day to meet her goals — but that wasn’t always the case. Her journey to finding TaskHuman and building self-accountability involved a bit of skepticism and one big leap of faith. 

Though she had started exploring options for mental wellness support, nothing stood out to Nithya amidst the range of non-personalized services out there. Nithya’s company offered TaskHuman as an employee benefit, but for a while, the email invitations went unread. Nithya’s curiosity was finally piqued by a note with the promise of a more individualized approach

That was exactly what Nithya needed. She gave TaskHuman a try, and after one session she was hooked. Building a habit was set in motion.  

“My experience has been amazing because I realized it was one-on-one calls with professionals in so many domains in the health and mental wellness space. It’s been super useful to keep me on track with my own goals, and I’ve been using it almost every day since I started.” 

From anger management to emotional resilience, Nithya connected with coaches across different areas of mental well-being. Feeling empowered by her positive experience, Nithya layered a daily yoga practice onto her routine — firmly establishing a holistic mind-body approach to meeting her goals. 

We all know that forming a new habit takes hard work. So how did Nithya hold herself accountable? 

TaskHuman’s on-demand availability has been a game changer, and booking ahead keeps her on task. 

“What I do is at the beginning of my week I just book these sessions so I don’t back out or cancel.” 

While finding fulfillment in daily rituals and pride in her progress so far, Nithya’s long-term objective is continuous learning. TaskHuman coaches help fuel her curiosity and fine-tune her physical and mental well-being. From daily yoga with Smruti Budhbaware to dabbling in love meditations with Saska Stanisic, the sky’s the limit for Nithya. 

Tune into Nithya’s full story below!

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What habit are you hoping to build into your daily routine? Making your first TaskHuman call could be just the push you need to start formulating a progress plan. Are you ready to take that leap? 

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