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May 12, 2022

TaskHuman Responds to Ukraine Crisis with Free Services

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For anyone from afar, watching the Ukraine crisis unfold has been gut-wrenching and heartbreaking.

But imagine if your company’s connection to the conflict is more direct. If you have employees in the region, if workers elsewhere are of Ukrainian descent, or if your employees have family and friends there.

The situation is mind-bogglingly sad. Our hearts go out to anyone affected.

And, more importantly, we want to help.

TaskHuman’s 1:1 digital coaching platform enables users to instantly discover and connect via video with nearly 1,000 coaches in 40+ countries. These coaches assist people in various aspects of daily work and personal life –physical fitness, mental well-being, emotional, spiritual, career, financial, work productivity, leadership coaching and more.

Many coaches also are well-equipped to support people touched by war, thanks to their expertise in areas like loss and grief coaching, emotional resilience, spiritual guidance, and stress management.

TaskHuman is devoted to creating customized self-care experiences tailored to the unique needs of any organization or employee. We serve a global community of people and the TaskHuman Way is really about HUMAN values, and we’re committed to accelerating our mission to help people in this time of crisis.

So, beginning immediately, companies that launch TaskHuman will not be charged for employees in Ukraine or for employees for whom the war has personally hit home. We believe that in addition to traditional forms of humanitarian aid like food, water, shelter, and clothing, the kind of individualized, 1:1 LIVE human-to-human support that TaskHuman provides is an immeasurable benefit that not only offers respite, but aid when those need support most.

We’re proud to support, PandaDoc, a document workflow automation company, was founded in Belarus and is headquartered in San Francisco but has a 200-employee office in Kyiv.

After Russia’s invasion began in late February, PandaDoc’s Ukraine-based employees received access to the TaskHuman app, offering topics like crisis management, stress management and grief counseling support to managers and employees amongst thousands of additional topics on the TaskHuman platform.

In addition, coaches with expertise in coping with severe stress held sessions with PandaDoc managers with employees in the region. More sessions have been scheduled in the coming months.

Beyond the employee support, we offer a unique solution to qualified coaches who may have become displaced from their offices, and by way of technology, can access a global coaching network on the TaskHuman platform. Qualified specialists have new opportunities by way of TaskHuman without having to find other lines of work.

We at TaskHuman stand with the people of Ukraine and their loved ones around the world. And we are committed to doing anything we can to help people through this terrible conflict.

To learn more Book a Demo to see how TaskHuman can support your global team needs.

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